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Kirsty’s meals are award-winning, naturally healthy, convenient, and free-from ready meals that taste great.


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January 2017


1 month


Craig Farrall.

Front-End Manager

Ewan Stott.

PPC Assistant

Katie Ryan.

Digital Marketing Assistant

Sam Gadsby.

Managing Director

Shannon May.

Digital Marketing Assistant

Kirsty’s meals are award-winning, naturally healthy, convenient, and free-from ready meals that taste great.

Kirsty’s understands that eating healthy and balanced meals is not always easy when you lead a busy lifestyle, which is why the tasty range of classic and exotic meals are all ready in just under 5 minutes. All of the meals are free from gluten, dairy and wheat, making them ideal for intolerance suffers.

The Brief

In order to raise brand awareness and in-store purchases of their chilled ready meals, Kirsty’s wanted to create a campaign centered around ‘Busy Lifestyles’. The meals were already very popular with intolerance suffers, however the meals are suitable for all, and Kirsty’s wanted to tap into a new demographic.

Offline marketing activity was already scheduled, with ads running in Women’s Health and Grazia magazine and various tube station adverts placed in busy stations up and down the country.

The online activity that Kirsty’s approached Clicky for would be to complement the offline activity through the use of various platforms, including; Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Google Search ads.

The main objective was to drive traffic to the website in order for users to ‘find their nearest store’ (whether that be Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, Waitrose etc.), with the goal that they would then purchase a Kirsty’s meal if they were in the vicinity of a store, or when they next did their weekly shop.

What We Did

Developing a strong landing page
Before we got underway with any marketing activity, it was important to ensure there was a solid landing page in place. Using an existing template on the Kirsty’s website, we created the new page, adding content that was relevant to the campaign, strong calls to action, and pulling through a blog feed at the bottom of the page.

Choosing digital channels
It was important to ensure we had platforms designed to capture users at various stages in the buyer journey. For brand awareness, we created YouTube adverts to reach a wide audience. Adverts on social networking sites Facebook and Instagram formed the mid-section of the campaign, as the intent to purchase may not be there yet but the audience is much more targeted. Finally Google Search offered a high intent solution, where users are actively looking for what Kirsty’s is offering.

Defining target audiences
There were three core target areas that we focused on for social advertising, which were; ‘Busy Mums’, ‘Intolerances’, and ‘Publishers’. As Kirsty’s was to appear in both Women’s Health and Grazia, and have ads display on their websites, it was important to target users across social that had shown an interest in these publishers. The ads that were served closely resembled the ads they would have seen through the publishers, reinforcing the brand awareness that would already be there.

Designing effective advertising
Kirsty had fantastic imagery and video that we made use of to create single image, carousel, canvas and video ads on the Facebook and Instagram platforms. We wrote strong and highly targeted ad messaging for each target audience, ensuring we highlighted the fantastic USP’s Kirsty’s has to offer. To make the most of the budget available, and tie the campaign in with offline activity, we targeted the locations where the tube ads were displayed.


Optimising the search campaign
To ensure budget was maximised, we ensured that our search strategy was highly targeted, avoiding broader keywords that would have a higher CPC (cost per click). We continually reviewed search terms to see how we could expand the campaign further, and exclude keywords that were not generating the traffic that would convert.


The campaign was designed to be a trial for Kirsty’s, who hadn’t previously utilised any of the platforms for ad purposes. It ran for two weeks during January 2017 and performed fantastically considering the limited click budget available.

For the Google Adwords search campaigns, we generated a staggering average conversion rate of 52.72% (essentially when a user lands on the ‘nearest store page’), with an 11.22% CTR.

Week on week the number of clicks increased by 147%, with conversions increasing by an impressive 183%.

Across Facebook and Instagram we generated a reach of 176,610 and 2,560 clicks, which average conversion rate of 4.7%. Although the campaign objective was to drive website traffic, the ads also generated new page likes, and as with any social campaign, contributes to brand awareness.

The campaign performed better than anyone expected, with strong results across all platforms.



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