A COVID-19 adjusted, 360- degree South African
digital tourism campaign to a UK market.

Visit South African Tourism


South Africa is a dynamic, vibrant destination that offers an unrivalled wealth of experiences to the traveller and who better to serve as ambassadors than the people who know it best – the locals.

Meet Your South Africa is a 360-degree campaign that was conceptualised to position South Africa as a welcoming and safe destination for UK consumers. The campaign stars 12 local and charismatic South African guides who showcase travel experiences through a series of video content. The 12 guides that represent a diverse and multicultural South Africa have been selected and interviewed according to the six SAT content pillars and spread geographically across all South African provinces. 

In light of the global COVID-19 crisis, and the UK Foreign Office advising against travel, the campaign shifted to encourage future consideration of South Africa as a holiday destination, under the banner of “Meet South Africa Later”.

Campaign goals

  • Video views

    Drive video views of all 12 videos on YouTube channel and achieve video completion rates in line with industry benchmarks.
  • Customer retention

    Achieve significant customer retention rates across campaign videos.
  • Engagement

    Ensure users engage with the content on the campaign and encourage users to follow/join SAT social channels.

Engaging & enticing relevant audiences through video

We devised an intelligent interest and behaviour based campaign to drive video views on YouTube which also resulted in website traffic and social media interactions increasing notably.

Through advanced audience segmentation we were able to tell each a story through ads that were most likely to resonate with specific demographic groups, encouraging them to engage with the MYSA campaign website, and ultimately visit South Africa.

1,605,897video views

14,331visits to the campaign website

6,769,690ad impressions

23%of videos watched to the end

200%increase in website visitors

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