Digital transformation for NWG Leisure.

Increase in booking revenue.

Digital transformation for NWG Leisure.


Reinvigorating and reinventing the NWG Leisure offering in the digital space with the aim to deliver tangible commercial profitability and sustained growth. We effectively showcased the improvements at Kielder Waterside Park and the wider leisure portfolio, bringing their strategic approach to life to amplify performance and achieve a notable return on investment.

Brand video.

Achieving unrivalled occupancy rates.

Increasing bookings.

We set new standards for booking levels, which are well above industry benchmark of circa 70%.

Average occupancy.

Supporting their ambition to make the park best in Britain.

Our 4 year partnership has seen us develop websites, roll out new brands, encompassed research, creative, video, digital marketing and consultancy to produce performance and achieve impact across key business objectives, smarter initiatives and the wider local community.

“Clicky are an excellent organisation to work with. They offer a truly collaborative approach which has ensured we get the best possible outcome. Clicky worked really hard to understand our organisation including our values, objectives and forward strategy.”
David Hall // Head of Commercial, Strategy & Transformation
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Increase in digital revenue.
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