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Pop Up Products are market leaders within the low-level access industry, operating as an independent UK company based in the North West.

Since the mid-1970’s they have developed and supplied safe and simple quality access products, with their award-winning ranges.

After 45 years of positive business growth within the trade and hire market, Pop Up Products were looking to implement a more defined digital marketing plan to deliver continued, sustained expansion with the key aim of increasing profit by exploring digital channels and presences, and further driving efficiencies through digital tools.

Pop Up Products appreciated that their current strategy for marketing and their digital presences was largely traditional, and customer acquisition remained mostly offline. We also worked on the digital elements of the internal sales and reporting processes to deliver greater efficiencies through a more proactive approach: product promotion, customer acquisition, and retention, enabling them to reach their ambitious strategic goals as a business.

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Within the Discovery phase, our Strategy & Insights team conducted a large-scale research and analysis phase to inform a new website and digital marketing strategy.

The research and analysis undertaken ranged from an assessment of the client’s sales data, competitor analysis, and a review of online market trends, and concluded with a strategic plan for the future website branding, with comprehensive assessments of Google Analytics and CRM data from history marketing activity so that we could provide a marketing strategy with the most cost-efficient ROI.

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Discovery Project


Due to changing trends and technologies over the years, the Pop Up Products logo and brand image had become outdated and needed modernising.

Our goal was to position Pop Up Products as the forward-thinking, modern innovative company it is.

In the discovery phase, we identified that the current logo has already built up recognition with customers and therefore we decided that we would make small design tweaks to modernise the logo rather than creating a new logo from scratch. The new logo has a new, modern font, the elements of the logo have been spaced out better making the logo look much cleaner. When developing the logo we were mindful of how this would work across a selection of media and devices to ensure the logo is as flexible and adaptable as possible.

The new branding has been applied across every touch point – the website, stationery, social media, guides, and manuals. We produced an extensive brand guidelines document which not only provides a guide on the visual elements of the brand but defines brand values, traits, goals, and tone of voice.

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Website Design

The Pop Up Products website was designed with a data-driven approach.

Our strategy and insights team worked closely with the client and conducted a full research project to ensure that every element on the site had been carefully considered for both conversion and usability. The previous site was dated and difficult to use, so it was important that the new design was modern and simple, with a great user experience.

Following an intensive branding project, we were able to create a design that was cohesive with their goals to become an ‘A-Brand’ within their industry. In order to promote this new brand image, we focused the design around creating strong trust signals for the user, including case studies, testimonials and an in-depth resources area for the client to showcase their knowledge with their consumers. Within their industry they were previously known for their products, rather than the brand and so to counteract this we worked on promoting the Pop Up Products brand by introducing an ‘About Us’ section where they were able to showcase the history of the company and their talented team members. To support this, we worked with a photographer to get some great shots showcasing their warehouse and office space as well as shots of the team working together.

Overall, the new website allows us to showcase a vast amount of content under a user-friendly and simple structure.

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Website Development

The Pop Up Products site was built to allow the user to navigate as quickly as possible to their destination, whether it’s information about a product or a question about a recent purchase.

We achieved this by building a comprehensive mega nav that’s accessible from any part of the site and creating a simple and quick search functionality. This approach was carried through from mobile up to the largest screen sizes and tested across multiple devices.

The site showcases Pop Up Product’s unique product range,
as well as the company’s 45-year history, which we built a timeline to show the growth and progression of the company over the years. There is also a resources section, allowing users to find product guides and warranties via a simple search.

We also made sure the site is fully customisable and very scalable, to account for the planned expansion of Pop Up Product’s
range and the website’s central role in the company’s future.

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An industry leading website and digital offering.

Clean, modern branding design which resonates with the client’s audience.

Effective online marketing solutions, channels, and campaigns, supporting the client’s internal sales team.

New sales assets and industry-leading promotional collateral, to be utilised by the client’s sales team.

A detailed marketing calendar organising all activity, with clear responsibilities, owners, and dates.

The production of two new product launch calendars, ensuring a smooth launch and effective promotional activity.

Further efficiencies achieved through the creation of a new automated reporting process, and the creation of digital assets within the lead nurturing process.

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