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148% increase in new website visitors.
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Raleigh, established in 1887 in Nottingham, are recognised worldwide as being one of the oldest and most successful bike brands around.

They are renowned for designing and producing some of the most classic, quality and iconic bikes to date. 130 years on, their presence is still known in Nottingham as they continue to design and build bikes and wheels.

Following the relaunch of their latest website in 2017, Clicky were chosen to work closely with the Raleigh team to help boost awareness of their electric bike offering through organic search.



Before we began any SEO work, we undertook an initial ‘SEO-focused’ Discovery project to give the SEO team the best possible start to their retained work.

We conducted a Google Analytics audit, marketing and industry research, specific competitor research, audience profiling and targeting strategy, a technical SEO audit, a website site structure and content review, a UX / UI review which included heatmaps and user behavioural recordings, as well as brand immersion sessions with their marketing team.

The result was a fully detailed, comprehensive ‘plan’ for organic search visibility and ranking improvements, covering technical and on-page elements. The Discovery was carried out with the support of the SEO team, who have done a brilliant job of implementing the resulting plan, to great success.

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Following on from the Discovery project, we began our SEO strategy by optimising any areas on the site that could have been holding it back from a technical standpoint.

We then implemented our main strategy, involving a heavy focus on information-based keyword research, content support and email outreach.

Our close, collaborative relationship with Raleigh’s in-house team allowed us to establish a workflow which involved a data-driven approach to content. We were able to conduct detailed research and present content strategies to the Raleigh team, allowing them to create and implement the content. We also conducted outreach to any appropriate sites, which has proven to be a very effective system in terms of gaining extra traction in search.

In short, our success in gaining rankings and increasing users for the electric bikes specific pages has come from a collaborative content and outreach strategy, in which both parties are able to respond quickly. By coupling this with a strong technical base, we have reinforced our chances of success.

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It’s early days, but we’re super proud of the results we’ve achieved already.

We look forward to seeing our digital partnership grow from strength to strength and continue to achieve fantastic results for Raleigh over the next 12 months.

Compared to June-July last year, here’s how things are shaping up.

130%increase in website visitors

148%increase in new website visitors

110%increase in website sessions

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