24% more new visitors to the site & 46% more mobile sessions.

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Reevoo is one of the world’s leading review engines, providing a user-generated content platform that helps millions of shoppers make better buying decisions in their everyday lives in more than 60 countries.

Reevoo first approached Clicky in November 2017, with an aim to gain an understanding of their existing online performance whilst also evaluating ways in which they could further improve and optimise their website to deliver increased results, against wider key business metrics. As the first step of this process, we sought to undertake a research and analysis Discovery project.



By utilising a data-driven methodology, we were able to accurately define Reevoo’s key audiences, surrounding the website’s user experience process, to support and validate the overall recommendations and suggestions we would go on to propose to drive the website forward, and build upon the success achieved to date.

Our analysis was primarily comprised of a in-depth review of the website’s performance data and analytics, user recordings and heat mapping, scroll mapping analysis, a comprehensive UX/UI design audit, content and technical website audit, SEO and site speed audit and a site structure review.

The result of this project was an informed report of insight across Reevoo’s online offering, which therefore helped us to understand and provide context behind many of the improvements we suggested that we looked to make within our ongoing website improvement and development team, ProSupport.

Reevoo fully appreciated and understood the importance of the avoidance of an assumption-based methodology, and instead were happy to partner with Clicky to utilise a data-driven approach to understand audience insights, and from these learnings, begin to plan how we could further improve upon the success Reevoo had achieved online.



Following the Discovery stage presentation, a workflow of priority tasks was drawn up to begin implementing the identified areas of improvements across the site, along with additional priority business tasks from the client.

With a large amount of monthly hours to fulfil, the ProSupport team provided flexible, pre scheduled days each month, the client was given direct access to the development team for daily communication and an Account Manager for overseeing any process changes.

The ProSupport team have been happy to accommodate feedback throughout the process to adopt new, more suitable ways of working that suit the business needs and continue to value Reevoo as an extremely important client as we carry out the work across the site.



So far the result have been great and the client is delighted.

Take a look below at some of our headline achievements to date.

24%increase in new visitors to the site

19%increase in sessions

46%increase in sessions on mobile

34% increase in organic search sessions

81/100Google PageSpeed mobile optimisation score (from 44/100)

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