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Ongoing conversion rate optimisation (CRO) to turn more website visitors into potential customers.

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The Tabor Group have been hosting weddings, functions, and corporate events for over 20 years, and now comprises of four prestigious venues. The ethos of the Tabor Group is to fulfil the aspirations of their clients by providing flawless service at each of their unique venues.

The Tabor Group have been a treasured client of Clicky’s for many years – since they first approached us to build their venue websites in 2014.

We have supported The Tabor Group with a variety of digital marketing services since the launch of their sites, including SEO, PPC, Social Media, and Email Marketing, all of which have been supported by ProSupport.

Fennes Wedding Venue

The Brief

The Tabor Group were looking to enhance their existing digital marketing performance, and wanted to convert more of the traffic that was already visiting their website through organic and paid search activity. In particular, the two key actions The Tabor Group were looking to promote on their venue sites were the ability for users to download a brochure, and the ability for users to book and attend an Open Day at one of their picturesque venues.

The Tabor Group selected three of their beautiful venues as absolute priority for a Conversion Rate Optimisation strategy.

  1. Warwick House, Warwick.
  2. Quendon Hall, Quendon.
  3. Fennes, Bocking, Essex.

Due to the investment from The Tabor Group into paid search and social activity, there was a clear commercial benefit in improving the websites to convert more of this traffic, as opposed to just increasing the advertising spends on these platforms on channels.


The Tabor Group Venue

CRO was the next natural step in our digital strategy, with Clicky as our partner

Jenny Rogers, Marketing Manager at The Tabor Group

Tabor Group Weddings

The Strategy.

We began our Conversion Rate Optimisation strategy for The Tabor Group by auditing each of the three venue websites, in order to ascertain their existing performance, and identify any potential areas of improvement for the user’s journey to conversion. This consisted of utilising data sources such as Google Analytics, heatmaps, scrollamaps, and user recordings. We used all of this data to produce a timeline of proposals which we felt would help to improve the conversion rate of the venue websites. We also worked with the client to establish clear KPIs, as well as short-term and long-term goals, in order to measure the commercial impact of the optimisation work.

Over the next 12 months, our CRO team would conduct a series of A/B tests, multivariate tests, entire page redesign experiments (or redirect tests), as well as website personalisation experiments, all designed to move towards the best, most optimised versions of the venue websites for The Tabor Group.

The experimentation and testing conducted on the venue sites was designed to find a balance between presenting the gorgeous images of the venues, and including supporting content and information clearly and cleanly for website visitors. The experimentation had a clear goal in mind: to create the most optimised user journey which left visitors feeling they had experienced a taste of the stunning venues, before wanting to either download a brochure, or view the venues in person.

Team members working on a website CRO personalisation client

The Tabor Group

CRO Strategy Results.

Quendon Hall Venue


improvement in website conversion rate for Quendon Hall.

Warwick House Venue


improvement in website conversion rate for Warwick House.

Fennes Venue


improvement in website conversion rate for Fennes.

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