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A strategic combined search approach delivering great results for a giant in the Wedding Venue market.

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The Tabor Group have been hosting weddings, functions and corporate events for over 20 years and now comprises three bespoke, exclusive, and truly beautiful venues. Their ethos is to fulfil the aspirations and dreams of their clients by providing unique and breathtaking settings and a flawless service.

The Tabor Group have been a treasured client of Clicky’s now for over five years, since they first approached us to build new sites for their venues in 2014.

We consider the Tabor Group a true partner client, as we utilise a variety of digital channels and services to strive towards achieving their commercial goals.

Over the years, this has spanned PPC, SEO, Social Media, Email Marketing, Consultancy, CRO, and Creative Design,  all supported by a ProSupport front-end development retainer. The trust that The Tabor Group have consistently shown in allowing us to present the digital marketing mix which we believe will best benefit their business commercially is reflective of the long-standing relationship between our teams.


Combined Search

A key driver of our success has been the implementation of a combined search strategy, led by our PPC and SEO teams, and supported by the internal marketing team at Tabor.

This strategic approach consists of using PPC and SEO in tandem, with each channel driving the other – an approach not possible if SEO and PPC teams work separately.

In summary, this approach consists of aggressively using Paid advertising to move into search results listings where the brand does not currently rank organically. We then leverage the data and insights we learn from having a paid advertisement present for a search query, to improve the visibility and ranking of our organic listing. As soon as we reach the top of the SERPs organically, we evaluate the position and spend of our PPC adverts, before looking to reduce spend, and move this budget into a new search query – beginning the cycle over again.

This approach ensures that our PPC team are at the forefront of our approach, identifying and exploring new search queries that we feel it would be beneficial for The Tabor Group to move into. Once we have demonstrated initial results, our SEO team then begin their work in generating a solid organic search presence for the query. Positively, this ensures advertising budget is not being wasted, and is consistently being used for new customer acquisition.



A small portion of time is devoted each month to ongoing digital consultancy for The Tabor Group.

This time allows senior members of Clicky to support both the internal marketing team at The Tabor Group, and the account team here at Clicky, with industry leading analysis and auditing, driving campaign performance even further. Specifically, our Digital Consultancy team support The Tabor Group in three key areas:

Firstly, the implementation of comprehensive tracking and data capture, ensuring our teams have access to all the data they need to optimise their campaigns from.

Secondly, our Digital Consultancy team support The Tabor Group with comprehensive reporting, ensuring that the different senior stakeholders at the company have access to data and reports which influence their departments.

Finally, we also perform regular auditing to ensure all marketing activity is delivering a return for The Tabor Group, not just the channels which we manage. Utilising data from our Google Agency team and Hitwise allows us to deliver greater insight as to the success of all of The Tabor Group’s marketing activity.

Digital Consultancy


Due to the investment from the Tabor Group into paid search, social activity and SEO, there was a clear commercial benefit in improving the websites to convert more of this traffic, as opposed to just increasing the advertising spend.

We began our Conversion Rate Optimisation strategy by auditing each of the three venue websites (Warwick House, Quendon Hall and Fennes), In order to ascertain their existing performance, and identify any potential areas of improvement for the user’s journey to conversion. This consisted of utilising data sources such as Google Analytics, heatmaps, scrollmaps, and user recordings.

Over the next 12 months, our CRO team would conduct a series of A/B tests, multivariate tests, entire page redesign experiments (or redirect tests), as well as website personalisation experiments, all designed to move towards the best, most optimised versions of the venue websites for The Tabor Group. The experimentation and testing conducted on the venue sites was designed to find a balance between presenting the gorgeous images of the venues, and including supporting content and information clearly and cleanly for website visitors.

“CRO was the next natural step in our digital strategy, with Clicky as our partner”
Jenny Rogers, Marketing Manager at The Tabor Group


All of our marketing work is supported by an ongoing ProSupport development retainer.

This time is used to ensure the ongoing maintenance and security of the websites first and foremost, making sure we have every confidence that The Tabor Group venue websites are quick, safe, and secure – crucial in peak periods of advertising or venue seasonality.

Beyond this, our ProSupport team also undertook a rebuilding exercise between 2018 and 2019, refreshing and rebuilding three of The Tabor Group websites (Fennes, Warwick House, and Quendon Hall). These sites were first built in 2014, and as such, were beginning to show needs for improvement and modernisation when considered alongside changing user behaviour.

Our ProSupport and Design team sought to refresh each website in a phased approach. The rebuilding project was completed in May 2019, and the new versions of each website enjoy a significantly higher conversion rate for key commercial goals then their previous counterparts, as demonstrated in the results below.

Website Support


We’ve been working with The Tabor Group for 5 years now and are constantly striving to exceed targets and expectations.

We have formed a true digital partnership with The Tabor Group, working as a seamless extension to their marketing team. This has allowed us to get a deep understanding of their business as well as working together to achieve the best results possible.

Below are just a handful of results we’ve achieved from 1st Jan 2019 – 31st March 2019, vs same period 2018.

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17%increase in goal completions from all channels – Fennes

Fennes Venue

28%increase in goal completions from combined search – Quendon Hall

12%increase in overall goal conversion rate – Warwick House

The Tabor Group Venue

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