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159% increase in revenue from paid traffic.
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Over 900 beautiful holiday cottages

Toad Hall Cottages is one of the leading holiday property providers in the South & South West of England. For over 30 years, Toad Hall has been the agency of choice to thousands of holidaymakers looking to enjoy the beauty and wonder of one of the most desirable regions.

Clicky and Toad Hall Cottages have been working together since 2015 following a comprehensive website and marketing discovery stage and the redesign of their website. Since then, the commercial partnership has developed further where Clicky now undertakes the paid Google and Bing activity, design assets of all new website templates and analytics consultancy. The services all work together and integrate with Toad Hall internal resources, filling in any specialist gaps that are needed within the internal team.

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  • ROI

    Achieve an annual sustainable positive ROI through paid channels and increase YoY ROI during peak months through paid channels.
  • Conversion Rate

    Deliver consistent ‘on-brand’ design changes across the site that will positively impact the conversion rate.
  • Optimisation

    Develop the GA account to provide more insight which will then feed into the new design of pages and paid channel optimisation.

The learning phase

We first began working with Toad Hall Cottages after the client approached Clicky to help plan a more intelligent, goal-driven and user-friendly website, that focused on the needs of their audience and better reflected the fantastic offering and service that Toad Hall Cottages provide. Following the initial collaborative website planning and Discovery phase project undertook 3 years ago, the Toad Hall Cottages team were keen for a ‘rediscovery’ phase to review the overall performance of the website, and identify any potential areas of optimisation. 

This ‘Re-Discovery’ was split into two areas, with an initial focus on optimising the purchase journey/booking engine on the website, before moving on to an assessment of the wider website. The outcome of the Re-Discovery research phase was a proposed strategy and approach highlighting the areas for potential improvement on the existing Toad Hall website.

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Key discovery design work

  • Property booking process

    We implemented small changes to help maximise conversions such as making forms shorter and form validation.
  • Homepage improvements

    The homepage design was refreshed and modernised, introducing more white space and a new set of icons.
  • Contact

    We redesigned the contact page to make the contact form more prominent on the page, which has seen an increase in form completions.

Ongoing support

We support Toad Hall Cottage on an ongoing basis with paid Google and Bing activity, design assets of new website templates and analytics consultancy.

For paid activity, due to how increasingly competitive the UK travel market has been, we’ve had to ensure we drive as relevant traffic as possible, catering to how people search for these holidays and how this has changed in recent years.

Our strategy was to address two valuable segments of their audience with ultra-relevant ad campaigns that highlight not only Toad Hall Cottage’s unique selling points and brand values, but also that their properties are spread across a large range of popular locations too.



We use ongoing consultancy hours to add value in three key areas for the client (tracking, reporting and analysis) allowing us to put our recommendations and key considerations into action. Everything we do in the S&I team is data-driven, so being able to ensure that we are reporting on accurate data through Google Analytics is crucial for us to then move forward and then make data-driven recommendations.

Outside of these three core areas of our consultancy hours, we work alongside the Account Manager, wider PPC and Design teams, to allow for a collaborative approach towards our targets for the client. We can inform and advise the PPC and Design teams around relevant targeting and design considerations, with their audience and wider industry trends to mind.  



We look forward to continuing our relationship with the client, ensuring that we continue our regular and transparent correspondence, and ultimately continue towards reaching and exceeding our client goals as a team, generating more revenue for the client as their digital partner.

681%increase in goal completions (Re-discovery June-Oct 2018 vs 2017)

159%increase in revenue from paid traffic (Jan-June 2019 vs 2018)

134%increase in paid traffic conversion rate (Jan-June 2019 vs 2018)

“We were searching for an agency that could deliver a fresh approach to our online presence, moving from an online catalogue approach to more of a destination-oriented, concierge experience. Clicky just had the professionalism throughout and the ability to zero in exactly as to our needs and ambitions were for the new site.”
Larry Allen, ICT Manager, Toad Hall Cottages

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