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76% increase in mobile bookings & revenue.

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Over 650 beautiful holiday cottages

Toad Hall Cottages is one of the leading holiday property providers in the South and South West of England, boasting a fine range of coastal, waterside and rural holiday cottages across the region.

Their portfolio contains over 650 properties that have been carefully selected by their team of holiday cottage experts, to ensure they reach the high standards that guests expect.

The client approached Clicky to help plan a more intelligent, goal-driven and user friendly website, that focused on the needs of the audience and better reflected the fantastic offering and service that Toad Hall Cottages provide.

The site was in need of both aesthetic and functionality modernisation, to become more dynamic and interactive whilst enhancing the visual to more effectively sell the cottages, locations and holiday types. Marketability and the results achieved post-launch were of the utmost importance, so a research and auditing phase was required to deliver the most effective, results-focused output possible. The growing number of mobile visitors and their experience was also key to the project.

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The learning phase

We first entered a ‘discovery’ phase to provide actionable insights to influence an informed approach and style for the design, alongside proposed features and inclusions of each page template across a newly planned and structured sitemap.

We investigated current and previous website results, auditing historic performance to identify areas for improvement whilst aligning this with current and future industry trends, ensuring the website was innovative and at the forefront of digital technology. This incorporated structural and content audits, analytics reporting, marketability reviews and user interaction testing.

The data and statistics obtained through auditing the website and exploring Toad Hall’s industry provided us with an in- depth understanding of how the website should be designed. This would ensure the user experience was consistently positive in order to achieve the overarching goal of increasing conversions, and creating a website that not only had fantastic design, but ultimately improved performance and direct ROI.

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Our designers turn to work their magic

Our design team used the discovery document we prepared to plan the re-design of the site in great detail, whilst working closely with the client.

The Toad Hall team developed the website in-house, so our work with the client extended through to supporting the integration of the creative with the website systems in place.

We worked closely with the client throughout the project to ensure a strong understanding of the design and the reasoning behind inclusions and the functionality requirements.

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PPC setup, training and ongoing support

To support the launch of the new website, we took over the short-term management of Toad Hall’s PPC activity.

Once their internal team was up and running, we provided them with some bespoke training with one of our specialists to enable them to run their digital advertising effectively in-house. Our role was now a much more consultative one, with our Data & Insights team regularly investigating new ways for Toad Hall to stay ahead of the competition.

One project saw us investigating the checkout process on the Toad Hall websites, proposing small changes to increase the overall completion rate. Marginal increases in conversion rates can generate considerable financial benefits, so we work to identify opportunities for improving performance across the site.

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Just one month after launch, and without undertaking any additional marketing to what the client was doing pre-launch, some impressive results surfaced.

“We were searching for an agency that could deliver a fresh approach to our online presence, moving from an online catalogue approach to more of a destination oriented, concierge experience. Clicky just had the professionalism throughout and the ability to zero in exactly as to our needs and ambitions were for the new site.”

Larry Allen, ICT Manager, Toad Hall Cottages

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76%increase in mobile bookings & revenue

30.1%increase in online revenue

34.3%increase in online bookings

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