Raising performance in property investment.

Return on Marketing Investment.

Establishing a market-leading health & wellness brand online.

growth In online revenue.
Global Digital Excellence Awards 2021 – Winner
UK Digital Growth Awards 2021 – Winner


YorkTest partnered with Clicky in early 2020, asking us to take control of establishing their digital presence and help solidify their position as a market leader, whilst continuing to grow sales and revenue for key products. Performance has continued to improve two years into the partnership.

Serving as YorkTest's digital team.

Digital partners.

Within our partnership, Clicky act as YorkTest's complete digital solution - spanning marketing and web. We attend internal management calls and hold regular strategy sessions, helping to steer the business to continued success.

online market share.

Improved digital experiences.

YorkTest looked to Clicky to support the consumer journey on their site - improving the experience and optimising the path to conversion.

improvement in eCommerce conversion rate.
“Excellent support and have demonstrated a wide range of eCommerce technical knowledge and experience. We have enjoyed a successful relationship, resulting in online eCommerce sales increasing by approximately 50% YoY.”
Richard Dawson // CEO
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