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Culture & Values.

What makes us Clicky?

Our Clicky culture is something we believe is truly special, and something that we proudly celebrate.

Inclusive, transparent and collaborative in all we do – we want everyone to benefit from their interactions with us and feel part of our ongoing journey.

Whilst we constantly evolve and are committed to improvement, we’re proud that our founding ethos and purpose, first set out by our CEO back in 2007, continues to be instilled in the heart of the agency, complemented by our values, vision, and mission.

“We’re a team of people who empower one another, championing long term growth and development, encouraging and challenging each other to reach our potential.”

The result? An engaged, committed and skilled team, passionate about client performance and who genuinely care. This translates into bigger thinking, more creative solutions, better relationships, and ultimately outcomes and results that we and our clients can celebrate.


Some specific qualities we really care about.

Passion. Courage. Curiosity. Respect.
Inclusion. Social Conscience.

Training & development.

A culture where everyone excels.

Mentor programme

Sharing our knowledge agency-wide.

We have developed a shared learning mentoring programme, that everyone has the opportunity to join. Team members are matched according to skill requests, so SEO can be about psychology and HR benefits from data analysis skills. We understand that sharing our knowledge makes us greater than the sum of our parts.

Learning hub

Learning on demand.

Built to last, we have created a resource for everyone to access, wherever and whenever. We understand not everyone can attend training sessions happening across the agency, so each training session is recorded for our Learning Hub and accessible on demand.

The Hub forms part of our individual personal development plans, making it easier for managers to set learning tasks.


Dedicated 1 day.

We encourage the entire agency to dedicate time to their learning, whether it’s specific to grow in their current role or as part of building their personal experience. We have even set ourselves a target that each employee completes 1 day per month just for their training.

Personal development

Take yourself to the next level.

Everyone at Clicky has their own personal development plan to work on in their dedicated training day. Each plan has skills and personal effectiveness track. Knowing what to do to get to the next level provides clear goals to work towards.

Corporate & Social Responsibility.

We care about our impact on the world and work hard to make it a positive one.

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Here's what the team say.

I joined Clicky with almost no knowledge of SEO, in that time, I’ve been fortunate to work my way from SEO Assistant to Executive to Specialist with clear communications and plans on how I can get onto the next step of my career.’

Bethany, SEO Specialist

The team ethic is fantastic – one of support and expertise. Each member of the team is so knowledgeable and brings you along for the journey with them.’

Robin, Senior Account Manager

‘Working at Clicky gave me a sense of purpose that I hadn’t felt from any other job previously and there were always opportunities for training and development, both from internal and external sources.’

Rich, Paid Media Manager

‘My favourite part about being a part of the Clicky team is how supportive everyone is. I know that if I get stuck, I can ask for help and someone will lend a hand. This isn’t just relating to work struggles, either, they’re supportive outside the office too.’

Mark, Developer

Work for us.

At Clicky we are in this for the long term, committed to your career development. Staying connected wherever we are based, making the small gestures that make the big difference, no big egos, just purpose and ambition.

We know that work needs to have meaning, purpose, and progression.

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