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3 Years of Laura Hothersall at Clicky!

March 11, 2020 / Reading Time: 3 minutes /
Jenny Sibbald

Clicky is always celebrating staff milestones, this month we wanted to shout about our Agency Director Laura, who has recently celebrated 3 years of working at Clicky! We take a look into the life and history of Laura’s career and celebrate the achievements and journey of her #clicky life.

I am very proud to be Agency Director at Clicky. Prior to Clicky, I worked in Europe, Australia and in the US for companies such as Macromedia (now Adobe) and Hewlett Packard. After I had my family, I worked as part of the management team in a recruitment company in charge of people development. Following that, I ran my own business selling and delivering Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) courses. I have had a wide and varied background in sales, marketing, business growth coaching and people development. At Clicky we recruit the person, not the CV, and we have a strong focus on providing people with the opportunity to excel in their field.

As my role covers most areas of the business, my days are never the same. The operational side of my role covers finance, legal, compliance, resourcing, all focused on our strategic plan in line with financial targets. The leadership part of my role is focused on team performance and team happiness. I could be delivering some personal effectiveness training, attending a client pitch meeting, planning 12 month personal development plans with our amazing management team, inducting a new member of staff, or planning some exciting office developments.

If a friend of mine asks me why I love my job so much, the most succinct way of saying it, is that it hits every one of my key drivers. I have always loved business – how a company works, commercial goals, understanding a client’s business and what they need us to do to grow their business. And all of that for the operational side of Clicky. I love getting under the skin of something and finding ways to improve it. I am passionate about understanding people and what makes them tick, the psychology of the human mind, what motivates others, their careers, what they are capable of.

I am constantly in awe of how creative and innovative our people are – I know our team are unusually good, our clients tell us so.

With the wide and varied nature of my position, challenges come thick and fast. My nature is to look at life as ‘a glass half full’ and there is no challenge that is insurmountable. For me, the trick is to take a minute, work out what needs to be done, and get it done. To balance the challenging day, my two daughters are everything to me. There is nothing else like being with them. In our personal life we have had our ups and downs, and we are a strong unit. And after them, it is running with our lovely dog Charlie (welsh springer). And my wonderful tribe of strong women, who have been my friends for a long time.

For me, the last 3 years have been exciting and I have grown personally by being surrounded by such a great team. The leadership team at Clicky are ambitious, open, and supportive which makes for a vibrant, charged atmosphere, where you know you are part of something special.

Personally, my family suffered a loss this past year. It has been a significant turning point in our lives. The Clicky team are supporting The Brain Tumour Charity this year which is enormously kind and means such a lot.

When life is hard, work is incredibly important, and the Clicky team could not have been more supportive.

In the last 3 years, Clicky has grown substantially. A lot of smaller agencies haven’t been able to succeed, some medium-size have been purchased by larger engines. There are not many independent UK agencies who are dealing with the brands that we are dealing with, in true partnerships for digital growth. So in that regard, we have a better position in the market and we are in a position where we are sought after for our growth strategies.


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