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5 digital things businesses can focus on during the coronavirus crisis

March 30, 2020 / Reading Time: 5 minutes /
Oli Yeates
CEO & Founder

What an extraordinary 2 weeks. Got used to working from home yet? Juggling kids? Joe Wicks? Houseparty drinks parties? The national response to the health emergency has been awe-inspiring 🙌

As the dust slowly starts to settle and businesses finding their best way to weather the storm I thought it would be an idea to share 5 simple digital things that all businesses could be considering doing with the huge unprecedented amount of time we have all had thrust upon us to prepare for when the good times roll again. And they will…

Depending on your sector you will all have been affected differently, but those businesses who can hold their nerve & can afford to use this time to invest & prepare, should consider some of the following ideas:

#1 – SEO

Don’t stop optimising your website if you don’t have to. The volume of searches for your business might have dropped but this is a great time to get ahead when the good times return. Also bear in mind some less fortunate businesses might be pausing their efforts and this is a good a time as any to get ahead.

Our Head of SEO, Alex Wright had the following to say:

At this time it’s important to bear in mind why Google constantly update their algorithms. It’s not because they want to make life more difficult for SEOs, or to make more money out of ads. It’s to allow them to show the highest quality, most relevant results to users. That is more important now more than ever. Thus, search algorithm updates have to continue, and SEOs have to continue to optimise sites to provide a high quality, relevant experience for searchers. So many businesses are choosing to cut spend and scale back SEO activity at this time, sothis is a real opportunity to make some ground and place yourself in the best possible position for when search volume returns.

#2 – Paid Campaigns

Your campaigns might have already been paused or budgets reduced but it is time to start thinking about campaigns and ideas for the return of normality. Get thinking creatively and use the downtime to build a paused campaign which will yield great results as search volumes return to normal.

Our Head of Paid Search, Rich Martin had the following to say:

If you are lucky enough to retain some budget for advertising spend, look to shift your strategy. If users in your vertical are not currently converting, consider changing your strategy and leaning towards branding and user engagement, or work to populate email or remarketing lists that you can target once the situation improves and things return to normal or work on developing additional ad creative that you’ll have ready to test when activity launches again.

#3 – Conversion Rate Optimisation

You might have conducted some user tests in the past and shelved the work to improve conversion rates due to the strains of daily business life & not wanting to disrupt your website. Now is the time to get these things sorted. If you haven’t conducted tests in the past it is possible to analyse existing analytical software to establish improvements which could now be worked in the freedom of less website traffic.

David Berry, Head of Performance & Analytics at Clicky Media had the following to say:

Many of us in the CRO, UX, or Analytics industry are facing quieter times, as client websites in particular industries face decreases in traffic levels. There is opportunity here though. Now more than ever, we have the opportunity to invest time to get websites optimised to the very best they can be, to ensure businesses can take advantage of the eventual traffic spikes we will see, when the market returns to normal.

#4 – Brand & Website Redesigns

Been wanting to re-build or redesign your website for a while now? Use this time to get it done. An improved website and new brand image is something we can all consider in readiness for the return of normality.

We often speak to our customers about when to redesign or rebuild their website or when to rebrand or realign their brand to meet the demands of the business.I can’t think of a better time. Don’t try squeezing it into the schedule once normality resumes.

#5 – Hosting & Speed Optimisation

Website slow and hindering conversion rates? Use this time to optimise your website for speed. If your hosting is holding you back consider improving or upgrading whilst traffic is low & potential downtime disruption will be minimal.

Amazon estimates it would lose $1.6 BILLION of revenue every year if they slowed down by just 1 second.. Website speed and not losing our increasingly short attention-spans is big business & the biggest online brands invest. Now is your chance to put that un-sexy speed optimisation job to the top of your list! Once the good times roll you will be paid back, trust me.

Rich Tarr, Head of Development at Clicky had this to say:

As websites grow and evolve, so do their needs – traffic volume increases, the amount of media being served grows, and new assets and additions need to be downloaded by returning users. All of this means the site will require optimisation and even an upgraded hosting platform to be able to support the increased demand – tasks that are often considered low priority but have a significant impact on ranking and user experience.The current downtime is a massive opportunity  to implement these important structural changes and prepare for the inevitable spike in traffic once things return to normal.

Businesses that are best prepared for a return to the market will get ahead of the competition & now is your chance. You might not get a better one.

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