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A chance to do meetings right

May 21, 2020 / Reading Time: 3 minutes /
Laura Hothersall
Managing Director

There is much said about meetings. How to run one, how to facilitate everyone speaking, how long one should be, how to make them productive, the list goes on. Most people will complain about most meetings.

After 22 years spent in meetings, 121s, big groups, clients and internal meetings, the rulebook I know has been thrown out of the window. It is extremely likely that we will continue using Zoom, Google Hangouts, or other for the foreseeable future. Meetings like these will continue to be a big part of how we work.

If you learned ‘how to do meetings’, the traditional way, with minute taking and a chairperson in charge, this shift is enormous. Reading people is extraordinarily difficult. You can’t get everyone on the grid in large meeting groups. If you are also presenting, you can’t see anyone at all. So, we must now learn a new rulebook.

Here are 6 tips for how to adjust

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