Alice – 3 years at Clicky!

Alice is celebrating 3 years at Clicky this month. To celebrate we’ve asked Alice a few questions to get to know her better.

What was your background before you joined Clicky?

Before I joined Clicky, I had just graduated from Lancaster University with a degree in English Language. I had followed Clicky on social media and loved the look of the company and its culture so I was thrilled to join the team on a 2-month placement after graduation, before joining the team permanently.

Could you tell us about your role at Clicky?

I’m an Account Executive at Clicky and my role is quite a varied one. It ranges from managing my own clients within the agency, as well as supporting my colleagues on some of our partner clients. Alongside this, I also work closely with the web team and our project manager on some of the agency’s web projects.

Talk us through a typical working day for you

No one day at Clicky has ever been the same, which is great because you’re always having different experiences meaning that you are constantly learning and growing in your job. Working closely with my colleagues in Client Services and Web, we’ll often have daily team catch-ups to discuss what we’re currently working on and where any support may be required. From there, my days are generally a varied mix of planning & communication between clients and account teams but I also dedicate a portion of my time towards any web-related support, from scheduling to timeline planning.

As you’ve been at Clicky for 3 years, what have been your 3 favourite highlights since joining?

  • Getting to work and collaborate with such an incredibly talented and friendly team.
  • Working on and having visibility over a diverse range of clients over the years.
  • The Christmas parties and year-end gatherings have always been so much fun and a great excuse to get dressed up!

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I really enjoy doing yoga and try to make some time for it before work in the mornings with longer sessions at the weekends – I even went on a yoga retreat in France a couple of years ago and it remains one of the best things I have ever done. I also love to read, bake and play the ukulele. Because I spend a lot of time during the week working on screens, when it comes to the weekend, it’s nice to be able to switch them off and spend time on hobbies.

Tell us something about yourself that people might not know

Our family pet is a parrot called Neville – we raised him from when he was a little dinosaur-looking baby and now he has the confidence of a 6-foot human. But he’s a softy at heart and loves a good cuddle.

Written by Natalie Williams

Client Partner Marketing Manager

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