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All eyes on corporate responsibility during the coronavirus crisis

April 2, 2020 / Reading Time: 2 minutes /
Oli Yeates
CEO & Founder

Will we ever forget the heroics of businesses turning their manufacturing process to ventilators? Will we ever forget some less scrupulous businesses forcing their employees to travel into work unnecessarily and putting their lives at risk in the process, I hope not.

During the coronavirus crisis corporate responsibility is for all to see & organisations will have their moral fibre tested as hard as their balance sheets.

How long this crisis lasts is key to all of this, as all good businesses start to feel financial pressure like never before, but I am heartened by those organisations who put their corporate mindset aside to support the national effort and we all need to remember their efforts despite the ultimate success of their endeavours.

Dyson & G-Tech have changed production of vacuum cleaners to make ventilators

Dyson & G-Tech slowing the production of vacuum cleaners to make ventilators might feel to the most cynical of commentators as good PR, but why not? If these corporate giants can do something for the greater good in the short-term and sell more vacuums in the long term, then they deserve to. I know which 2 manufacturers I will be choosing from for my next vacuum.

The more unscrupulous businesses seem to be the ones we probably all predicted to behave badly in a crisis, and perhaps the media hype is unfairly putting them in our sights above 100s of others. Again we can’t tell yet, but time will tell. Those businesses who have made the wrong decision initially followed by the correct one should probably be forgiven in the long run, but those who continue to put profits above human life may feel the wrath of a much more aware consumer.

The social media age we are living in means there is nowhere to hide and the coronavirus crisis will live in our memories for years to come, as we ask our already tired and stretched health service to bear the brunt of the national effort. The economic outcome should and will be secondary to all of this, but as consumers, I feel we all need to remember the businesses who did the right thing.

From a marketing perspective, my advice is that brands and organisations need to keep showing their hearts and stay in touch with their consumers in the most honest and supportive way possible. Many businesses have been completely paralysed and some are just too small & badly affected to do anything, but those that can continue to trade need to open their hearts through website & social channels to ensure consumers understand your response whilst protecting the health & wellbeing of their employees. Those that can afford to and are able to go on to support the national effort will deservedly receive the praise from us all.

As the dust settles & a big light is seen at the end of the tunnel, I hope our informed consumers react with spending their money with those that supported us in a crisis & the smaller or paralysed businesses get their customers back in their droves for doing the right thing.

#stayathome #protectthenhs #savelives

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