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CEO Update: An extraordinary 8 weeks

May 5, 2020 / Reading Time: 2 minutes /
Oli Yeates
CEO & Founder

The past 8 weeks have been the most extraordinary of my career.

The moment the lockdown began, almost every single aspect of the business has had to be reconfigured in one way or another to allow us to adapt to the new normal. I am so grateful to our brilliant team’s dynamic response to everything that has been thrown at us & the incredibly strong relationships we have with our clients.

We left the office a little earlier than most with our trial day from home on the 11th of March which quickly turned into full lockdown. The good news is we are staying busy & whilst many of our clients are negatively affected, some are unchanged and some are experiencing a boom in sales. In general, we are very lucky & faring as well as we possibly could be.

We have found a number of our clients are making use of the downtime to work on strategic web design & development projects as well as preparing their marketing campaigns for a gradual return to normality, which is keeping our talented team busy. More ideas here.

Our remote working has not been without challenges but we are coping well and finding solutions to the problems we are faced with. Slack is continuing to keep us in touch and along with Zoom/Hangouts/Teams etc and we are keeping a seat our client’s virtual boardroom meetings.

Our team are great at finding solutions & we have enjoyed working with our clients finding clever digital ways to work around restrictions to discover new ways of working digitally. It is great to see so much creativity & such a dynamic reaction to change.

One of the informal Tea breaks we are running twice a week to keep in touch

Whilst the human cost is calculated and the health emergency continues, we now await the next phase of the lockdown and announcements for the gradual return to semi-normality. We look forward to discussing with our clients how we can adapt their strategies for a positive second half of the year & a bumper 2021 👊

For now, this famous quote still seems perfect “Tough times don’t last, tough teams do” & I have learnt just how tough we are 👊

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