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Bella’s work experience at Clicky

July 23, 2019 / Reading Time: 2 minutes /
Sascha Richards

For the past week, I have been working with clicky’s design team; gaining experience on work within the digital design world.

During my time at Clicky Media, I have gained great insight into Graphic design, from everything that goes into designing a website or re-branding a company: From redesigning logos and creating wireframes to uploading and swapping images within a site I have had the full experience and learned a lot.

On my first day at Clicky, I met the team and was given a tour of the Clicky HQ before attending my first team catchup meeting. Afterwards, I was set off on my first task creating a wireframe and homepage for a client of the company which was exciting as I had never done anything like this before.

Throughout the week I have completed many tasks including: Creating a poster for an internal netball tournament, designing logos and a brand guideline for a client, adding content to a site the company is working on, creating a poster to promote the Wirral 10k run, Designing graphics for an internal presentation, brainstorming ideas for a brochure update and more. It’s safe to say I ‘ve had my hands full over the past week!

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Clicky and all the tasks I have worked on. I have enjoyed designing posters for the charity fundraisers that Clicky hold/ take part in the most. Designing the posters truly allowed me to have creative freedom and explore programs such as Sketch.

At first, I found it challenging to navigate the program Photoshop, but with some help from the Clicky team, I was able to quickly pick up the skills needed to design graphics. I also found it challenging to come up with creative ideas for a brochure, Clicky was changing, however, after looking for inspiration online and asking for advice I was able to come up with some useful suggestions.

Of all the things I have learned, a skill that I will carry through all my future endeavours is perseverance. A necessary skill to have within the creative industry as you are constantly faced with challenges that must be overcome. I am thankful to Clicky for teaching me that by setting me tasks that stretched my abilities rather than keeping me in my comfort zone.

I have had so much fun completing the tasks Clicky set for me and I loved working alongside the Clicky team they are nothing but friendly, enthusiastic and hard-working. I hope to continue applying these skills throughout my future in the design industry.

Thank you Clicky Media for the amazing opportunity to work with you.


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