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Bryony celebrates 3 years with Clicky

March 25, 2020 / Reading Time: 3 minutes /
Abby Wasik
Client Services Director

Bryony has been a part of our team,  3 years this month. We’re celebrating with a snapshot into how she became a part of our team and an insight into Bryony’s role as one of our Front-End developers. 

How did you get into development? 

My journey into development began 10 years ago when I started my degree in Computer Science at Lancaster University. Fast forward four years and I’m graduating with an undergraduate Masters degree and have completed a work experience placement with a digital agency in Lancaster.

Why did you choose agency life? 

The bug of working for a digital agency had bitten and unlike most on my course, I chose not to pursue a career in Software Engineering but instead found a role as a developer at a digital agency in Manchester. My time in that role taught me a lot about development and also showed me the variety I could encounter in my day to day job that working inhouse would never have offered me. I worked on websites for everything from cleaning products to caravans and orchestras.

Why Clicky? 

I still remember the moment I accepted my job offer with Clicky, I was drawn to the role, challenges, people and culture I’d experienced during the interview.

Having been raised in a rural area living near a city was something I’d never fully become used to. The opportunity to work in Chester and live in Cheshire has given me a much better balance in my work and personal life.

Tell us a little about your role.

I’m based at the Chester headquarters, when I started, Clicky had just opened their Nottingham office earlier that year and they would be the largest agency I’d ever worked for. Despite this, I’ve rarely been part of a more friendly and open group of people. I immediately knew I’d made the correct decision on where to spend the next stage of my career.

My day to day role over the past three years has seen me spend time with both ProSupport and the wider Front-End Development team building and maintaining websites. Working for Clicky has offered me the opportunity to work on many exciting projects with various brands. My highlight so far is having the opportunity to work on a project with Raleigh. Working on a project for a respected brand like them has been a real privilege for me. 

You may think that my role as a developer often involves a lot of repetitive days. This is not the case as the diversity of websites and brands I work on, the tasks I perform, and the platforms I work with keep every day fresh and exciting. As well as the code I write I am also involved in seeing projects from start to launch and beyond, client training, attending meetings and more.

The way we work has changed massively in the last three years. How I work and what I’m building will always be constantly evolving and is one of the things I love about my job. I also know someone will always have my back if I need it and they’ll also be there singing from the rooftops to praise at the first opportunity.

How do you manage your work/life balance? 

I’ve always found it important to maintain a good work-life balance, stepping away from the screen outside of work. At lunch, you’ll find me taking a walk around Chester, a city I’ve become very fond of. At weekends I’m often reading a book, baking, or visiting somewhere like Chester Zoo or a National Trust location for a walk and a slice of cake.

What advice would you give yourself 3 years ago? 

Self-confidence has always been a challenge and I’ll always be my own worst critic.

If I were to tell myself one thing three years ago it would be that you can do the job brilliantly and to believe in yourself more. Receiving praise for jobs well done is something that can still catch me by surprise, maybe given a few more years I may get used to it. 

Over the years the team here has changed and grown but the culture here has always been wonderful.

I feel lucky to be a part of Clicky and I’m excited to see what is in store for me next.


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