Calling all charities!

Thursday, May 25, 2023


Written by

Agency Coordinator

Each year Clicky pledges to give 1% of our time and 1% of our profit to charity and the community. Previously we have focused on partnering with one charity but this year we are doing things a little differently.

We’re keen to support a wider range of charities and build ongoing relationships in which we can make a genuine difference.

Fundraising events and initiatives, blood donations and mentoring are all now a standard part of our company culture but we want to do more! We want to find opportunities for the team to use their skills and experiences to support the organisations they are passionate about.

We have previously worked with the likes of The Brain Tumour Charity consulting and mentoring their marketing team and helping them create strategies for fundraising campaigns. We believe we can add a lot of value through using our expertise to support your efforts, but our team is also eager to help with other non-work related projects - be that gardening, DIY, litter picking or whatever tasks you want support with.

More specifically, this year we are dedicating time across the summer to offer our Consultancy, Strategy or Mentoring skills to support good causes - but if you have any other group projects we can help with please do let us know.

We are calling all charities to get in touch with help they need this summer (July-September). If this is something you would be interested in please reach out to us by completing this short form.

We hope to make some great new relationships, give our staff an opportunity to showcase their skills in a different way and ultimately give some brilliant charities the boost they need and leave them with a lasting positive impact.