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Clicky and Animal Trust awarded CSS Design Awards

August 5, 2019 / Reading Time: 4 minutes /
Craig Farrall

We’re proud to announce that we have been awarded Best UI design, Best UX design, Best Innovation and a Special Kudos, for our work on Animals Trust’s new website. 

Animal Trust initially approached Clicky to redesign and redevelop their website, keeping their audience and brand impressions in mind. We began the project with a Discovery Phase, where we set goals to achieve the following two things: to streamline the overall user experience throughout the Animal Trust site and to create a friendly brand personality, which immediately welcomed users to the site. 

Following on from the discovery phase, we moved this project into Design, whereby we created a user interface which had a clear focus on user experience, following all the best UX practices and implementing our findings from Discovery. Forming a data-driven design approach that not only looked great but is engineered to perform.

The overall website design and development for Animal Trusts new website combines vector illustrations with clean user interface consideration, resulting in a website that is easy to use and full of life. We knew that the website needed to perform, with this in mind, we heavily considered how the Animal Trust brand would be reflected in our new developments. Throughout the entire process, our development team worked closely with the design team to ensure we understood to effectively bring our designs to life in development.

Feature Spotlight:

The new Animal Trust website heavily relies on illustrations that are used across both the brands print and web presence and have become an integral element of supporting their growth expansion as more surgeries have opened. Our Digital Designer, Candy, drew these illustrations by hand before creating digital vector-based versions of each sketch for use on the website, social media and print collateral.

Conversion Points & User Encouragement:

Whilst building the new Animal Trust website, we carefully designed the calls to actions throughout the site, using the best user experience practices.  

The new site has two-button variants throughout, the first is a primary style this is used for all main call to actions, which are used to guide the user towards main focus points of the website. The second style of button is used to provide the user with additional content and build awareness of the brand. When hovering over the primary calls to actions, they become a lighter shade of blue, rather than a darker shade.

All of the above was considered early on during the project, we decided to use the lighter shade of blue rather than the darker one, to deliver inspiring positive reinforcement, encouraging the user to take action and click through to the next stage of their journey.


At Clicky we have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in designing user-friendly forms. Our Design and Strategy & Insights teams work closely together to create forms that look great and are backed up by data and best practice to make sure that the forms WORK. Animal Trust’s forms are real beauties, boasting:

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Since launching the new website in late April 2019, we have seen some great results:

The Animal Trust website redevelopment is now live, explore the site for yourself >> It is already showing signs of improvement with constant updates being considered and worked on through ProSupport, our website support service. 


Animal Trust has won a whole host of awards at the CSS Design Awards, which we are very proud of these include:

We love creating award-winning websites that are designed to perform.

Learn more about Clicky's web offering and explore the new Animal Trust site for yourself .

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