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Clicky announce new Mentoring programme

January 22, 2021 / Reading Time: 3 minutes /
Laura Hothersall
Managing Director

As part of #mentoringmonth, I wanted to take you through our learning culture at Clicky, which includes our newly launched mentor programme and an exclusive insight into our new Clicky Academy. 

Here at Clicky, we have a learning culture that we’re proud of. It’s something that we have advanced over the last 13 years and one that we plan to evolve and continue to invest in as we expand. 

Since we were founded in 2007, we have always encouraged our team to learn whether it’s from colleagues, attending external training events, self-learning or joining our ‘lunch and learn’ sessions. 

We’re proud to say that everyone has a personal development plan and our entire team has access to our Learning Hub that is full of resources, from technical training guides to culture webinars and internal guides. What we felt we could do more of, is to hone in on specific needs, and share learning through a mentor programme.

2020 was the year that we kicked off our mentoring programme in full force.

The role of the mentor can often be thought of as an older, experienced person acting as a mentor to someone earlier in their career. However, that is not the case with our mentor programme. This is a skill match programme. We have someone in HR who has been matched with someone who is a Google sheets expert, and someone in Client Services matched with a developer learning coding skills. 

The wealth of knowledge at Clicky is immense, with everyone a specialist in their field. What better way of developing our workforce that to become greater than the sum of our parts, than to share learning through a matched mentor: mentee programme.

After just one session I knew I had made the right decision to get involved in the programme, knowing that there is another person other than your manager who has your back and can give you advice is a real confidence boost.

– Member of the Clicky mentor programme 

We started the programme last Autumn (2020) in a more official sense, although 121s have been part of our culture since the company started. We believe that individuals are driven and engaged at work when they are valued, they have a purpose, they are able to develop and be challenged. Continual learning is a big part of that.

Having the time and space to focus on what you need to know about, what you want, even hearing yourself talk about that, gives you the opportunity to set goals and progress. A dedicated mentor relationship, where someone is giving you their undivided attention, gives you the confidence to think ‘I can do this’.

I’m being mentored by one of the PPC Specialists with the aim of becoming more confident in finding my way around the various paid media platforms, what the most important metrics to monitor are and what they mean for clients. My mentor answered all of my questions simply and clearly and made PPC appear much less daunting than it has seemed for me in the past. I’m looking forward to applying my learnings from the initial session to my workflow and booking in future sessions.

– Member of the Clicky mentor programme 

It is not just the mentee who benefits either. Being a mentor is enormously rewarding and once someone has been mentored, they often become a mentor themselves, creating a circle of shared expertise.

I got involved to help share my experience/access to resources and build relationships – and to learn from others in areas where I need support. It’s a great way to share our collective experiences and resources with each other in a targeted way – fostering an ongoing learning culture.

– Member of the Clicky mentor programme 

I’ve recently joined The Girls Network – a charity whose mission is to inspire and empower girls from the least advantaged communities by connecting them with a mentor is passionate about learning and development, and the role of the mentor: mentee relationship comments; something that I’m passionate about and excited to offer my expertise and experience to those outside of Clicky. 

I’m pleased to announce that we have begun work on a longer-term vision for the agency too; Clicky Academy. The purpose of the academy is to link with education bodies to provide work experience and training. For those who excel as part of that programme; job roles.

Everything we are doing now is leading towards the Clicky Academy – putting together programmes, ensuring our training materials are accessible in our Clicky learning hub and building our Clicky Academy material. These initiatives, along with expanding our connections, enables us to connect with a larger candidate pool ensuring we are building our stronger future with a more diverse team.

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