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Clicky to extend working from home until January 2021 at the very earliest

May 9, 2020 / Reading Time: 2 minutes /
Oli Yeates
CEO & Founder

I really miss being at the office but we are so lucky. We know we are one of the few, lucky businesses that can genuinely work from home without any major interruption to our service andwe see no reason to ask any of our team to risk their own health to visit our office unless they need to.

We await news on this weekend’s announcement about the UK’s slow removal of lockdown measures and will hope it offers some clear light at the end of the tunnel for many of our clients who can begin trading again but we already know we don’t need to take any unnecessary risks.

We are surveying our staff regularly to understand their situation and we know each individual has very different concerns & needs. We know some have relatives to look after & many have homeschooled children. We also know that some of the team want to return to the office as soon as possible and we are quickly working through a number of changes (Desk-spacing, new cleaning regime & maximum daily occupancy) to our office space to allow this to happen when we are sure it is relatively safe to do so. Again no unnecessary risks & we will make our own calls.

Friday’s eventful Agency Catch-up.

Our plan for our office to open would be to work 2 months behind the official guidance allowing us to allow us to monitor the situation.

We have decided to review our “Working From Home” policy at the start of 2021 where we may agree to continue the policy indefinitely or start to slowly bring the team back to be closer together again on a more regular basis.

We know some big tech companies including Google & Facebook are doing the same and we think every business that possibly can, should do the same to help with the recovery effort.

There is no certainty right now but unnecessary risks are certainly off the agenda for Clicky.

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