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Clicky Host Work Experience In Partnership With The Girls Network.

May 31, 2022 / Reading Time: 2 minutes /
Jenny Sibbald

We are proud supporters of The Girls Network and were delighted to host a day of work experience for four intelligent and friendly young girls ranging from ages 15-16. (year 10/11 in school) 

The Girls Network is a community linking girls from less advantaged communities to professional mentors and role models with an aim to inspire and support their ambitions. 

As part of the day organised by our Agency Coordinator Jenny; Bryony, Rhian, Emily and Danielle all spent time talking through their experiences, roles at Clicky and career path whilst answering questions from the girls about how to gain experience in marketing and why it’s important for girls to get involved in digital.

What the day looked like.

We started the day getting to know each other finding out their interests and showing them around our workplace- they were very impressed saying we had great views and it reminded them of a really nice living room or cafe, not what they expected an office to look like.  

The girls had short sessions with Rhian (Head of UX & Conversion), Emily (UX Research & Conversion Specialist), and Bryony (Senior UX & Conversion Developer) who explained what their roles consist of,  their career journey up to now and answered any questions from the girls along the way. 

During our lunch break, we introduced the girls to the metaverse and let them try out our VR headsets- shout out to our go-to VR expert Robin for being on hand for this! 

In the afternoon Danielle (Marketing Campaign Coordinator)  introduced the girls to what social media marketing is. We discussed what makes a brand successful on social, all the things that are generally considered to get your company noticed, including different types of content, tone of voice, online marketing vs print etc. The girls told us their favourite brands and who they thought their target audiences were and it was great to see them pick up concepts so quickly! 

It was really great getting to know the girls, their motivation to learn and develop is inspiring and I’m really proud of them for being brave and putting themselves out there and visiting us. I look forward to us hosting more work experience opportunities over the coming months.

Jenny, Agency Coordinator


What the girls had to say!


Our team at Clicky have always been really passionate about encouraging more females into the digital industry. Being able to support initiatives like The Girls Network, who help in breaking down barriers for young girls, allow us to showcase how great a digital career can be for females and we hope to be able to support The Girls Network more in the future.

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