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Clicky’s 1.1.1 pledge

March 26, 2020 / Reading Time: 2 minutes /
Abby Wasik
Client Services Director

At the beginning of the year, Clicky made a pledge as part of the 1.1.1 programme – 1% of product, 1% of time and 1% of profit. 

Our Agency Director, Laura explains more about our pledge, our plans and why The Brain Tumour Charity is our current partner. 

We agreed to the pledge as part of our ongoing commitment to evolving our team morale and simply wanting to help others.

Prior to Clicky, some of the team have been involved in something similar and we experienced firsthand how incredibly impactful this pledge was on team morale and team spirit. 

The Clicky team are a philanthropic lot and whenever we hold charity competitions, bake sales, charity events or sporting activities, everyone pulls together as a team and we have raised £5,878.76 amount of money for charity over the past 2 years and dedicated over 155 hours of our time.

Every year we partner with a charity – last year we worked with Claire House and got involved in all sorts of activities, giving 1% of our time. You can read about some of them in our agency news.

This year we have partnered with The Brain Tumour Charity. Being a relatively private person I don’t often talk about what happened, but I lost my husband and my girls’ father because he had a brain tumour. He died last year so the cause is very close to my heart. I cannot thank the team at Clicky enough for supporting this charity.

We continue to work with The Brain Tumour Charity but we are also keen to focus on our current global need for support for all those affected by the Coronavirus. 

We are experiencing something at the moment that we have never experienced before with Covid-19. Going through a crisis often brings out the best in people and they pull together to help when ‘the chips are down’.

Brands, businesses and communities are pulling together in this crisis, and it’s positive to see the ‘coronakindness’ posts and stories being shared on social media, along with our own communities setting up help for those self-isolating. We have been in touch with AgeUK to see if we can help and I know they have been inundated with kindness and support. The team are currently collecting further ideas of how we can help in our community and any digital support we can give to charities or organisations.

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