Clicky’s Google Premier Partner Status reaches the promised land!

Google’s Premier Partner status is something Clicky has proudly held for a number of years & this week we have reached the absolute pinnacle of the status.

The criteria Google uses to keep us on our toes is a dynamic number of factors ranging from numbers of qualified staff (who have passed Google’d exams), the total advertising spend we manage and our demonstrated ability to specific parts of the Google Ads platform such as Search, Video & Shopping.

As of today we currently meet every single criteria (without exception) and have all 4 specialisms active on our Premier Partner Status. We also currently meet the criteria for the all-new Partner status which is due to be rolled out in 2021:

This is something our talented Paid Media team at Clicky are really proud of and a testament to their depth of knowledge and ability to get great results for our clients on the platform.


Written by Oli Yeates


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