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Clicky’s June Wellbeing Day

July 1, 2020 / Reading Time: 3 minutes /
Natalie Williams
Marketing Campaign Manager

In June, we gave everyone at Clicky a compulsory day off to focus on their health and wellbeing.

It’s been a busy period since the start of the pandemic. The Clicky team have been working non-stop to support our clients as well as adapting to a completely new way of working. It was important that we gave everyone a day to themselves to take a well deserved time out. With lockdown easing, it gave the team some more options on how they could spend their day off. 


“I was so grateful for my wellbeing day. I used it to book a long weekend towards the end of June. By this point, Chester Zoo had reopened so I took the opportunity to spend the day at the zoo for my wellbeing day. I really enjoyed visiting the zoo and spending the day outside walking around and seeing the animals. It was a wonderful day and I even enjoyed an ice cream from The Ice Cream Farm stall on the lawn where the lion enclosure used to be.”


“For my wellbeing day, I took my eldest daughter to Liverpool for a ‘Beatles tour’ around the city. She loves The Beatles and we’d promised to take her out to see the landmarks for ages, so this was a great excuse to do so! She met Eleanor Rigby, visited The Cavern and saw some statues of the Fab Four by the Pier Head before getting a celebratory burger on the way home. An afternoon of movies and games made for a lovely family day. Thanks, Clicky – the extra day off was much appreciated!”


“I spent my wellbeing day off meeting with a friend for a lovely walk along the Wirral coastline. The sun made an appearance in the afternoon, which meant one thing – to relax in the garden and soak up the rays! It was so nice to get the day to myself to just unwind. As it was a Friday there was the added bonus of making it feel like a nice long weekend off too. Thank you Clicky!”


For my wellness day, I made the most loaves of bread I’ve ever done at once – four sourdough loaves and gave them away to friends and family to test and asked them to send me pictures of how they enjoyed them.

Bread baking is a hobby I’ve been able to do more as I’m working from home. Being able to babysit the dough/process closer on my lunch breaks/before I settle down to work in the morning.  Getting feedback and setting up an Instagram page for it has been how I’ve tried to get feedback and improve my skills and hopefully one day sell them at a fair price.”

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