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David celebrates 4 years at Clicky!

April 22, 2020 / Reading Time: 5 minutes /
Natalie Williams
Marketing Campaign Manager

David, our Head of Performance and Analytics, is celebrating 4 years of playing an integral role in the Clicky team! We’ve caught up with him to find out more about his career and time at Clicky.

What was your role/career/interests before joining Clicky?

In 2014 I’d just started my PGCE, fully intent on becoming a teacher, having just completed a degree in Theology and History. 

Throughout secondary school though, I’d been making some pocket money from supporting local businesses with the odd email newsletter, or social media campaign. I carried on with this during university, before eventually taking my first job working with data for a local charity. 

I realised I’d been so fixated on getting through university and becoming a teacher, that I hadn’t really noticed that what I was enjoying most was the work I was doing in the evenings!

I worked in a couple of different marketing roles over the next few years, before joining Clicky. Most immediately prior, I was working for a large investment company. We worked with large construction companies and automotive brands, right through to large oil and gas corporations. 

I learned a lot whilst I was there, and that’s where my interest in utilising data to shape better marketing campaigns and websites was born. Not to give too much credit, but my line manager at that company was one Laura Wyatt, who would end up joining Clicky herself a few years after me!

What has been your career progression whilst at Clicky?

I’ve had quite a progression since first joining Clicky in April 2016, working in five different roles. I often get showcased internally as an example of how Clicky rewards and develops team members, which is a huge compliment.

I first joined the Marketing team as a Digital Account Manager, where I worked for over a year. I enjoyed my time as an Account Manager, but increasingly I wanted to spend more time working with data, campaigns, and web projects, and Clicky helped to facilitate that, promoting me to Digital Account Strategist. 

At this time, the idea for my own department, “Strategy & Insights” was bubbling away, and I spent a lot of time with Sam, Amy, and the wider senior team exploring the opportunity for a data-led research and analysis team that elevated our marketing and web work to another level. 

We worked on a business case, which I presented back to the Directors. It must have gone well, because in February 2018 I made Strategy & Insights Manager, responsible for the creation and management of this exciting new team. 

Following this, I was given the opportunity to broaden my responsibility in a senior role with our Client Services team as Client Strategy Manager, supporting the development of all of our marketing and web strategies for key clients. 

Finally, in August 2019, I was fortunate enough to be promoted to a senior leadership role within Clicky as Head of Performance & Analytics. Now, my role is to ensure the performance of all of our marketing and web strategies, and ensure they’re both meeting and exceeding the goals and targets we agree with our clients.

Talk us through a day in the life of Dave at Clicky

At the time of writing this, my day is a little different as I’m currently working from home due to the coronavirus! However, mostly my days are fairly balanced, as I tend to split my days into thirds. 

The first third of the day is my “Heads Of” or SLT responsibilities. The core focus of our SLT is to ensure the agency is progressing against our company objectives, so my time might be spent working on anything that moves us closer to hitting those key measures, particularly regarding service innovation and performance. It’s often quite varied work, but it’s a really enjoyable part of my day!

Secondly, I’ll tackle my managerial responsibilities within the Strategy & Insights team. This might include scheduling, forecasting, sales / BD work, or attending any meetings or calls. Although as a ‘Head Of’ at Clicky, I have greater responsibility for the wider agency, it’s crucial to always make time for my own team and support them however I can.

Finally, I’ll devote a third of my time to hands-on project and client work. No matter what client it is or what the task is, I do always look forward to client work. Ultimately, it’s why I got into this line of work!

What do you like best about working here?

This is actually quite an easy question! I would say that Clicky has the best balance between people, profits, and product.

Clicky definitely puts the team first (as this coronavirus crisis has shown!), and in turn, highly values the quality of the product and service that the client receives. 

Of course, we are still a business and we do still need to make money in order to grow, however, there is a fantastic culture at Clicky, which acknowledges that if we have a great team, who are delivering a great product, then clients will naturally be happy and stick with us, and refer us to other clients.

What do you do to pick yourself up during a tough day?

If I’m working on a complex piece of work that I can’t seem to crack, I tend to just pop up to our office breakout room, make a coffee, and maybe catch up with another person for a few minutes. It’s such a small thing, but the luxury of being able to take a few minutes away from your desk, speak to another human being, and reset mentally, helps a huge amount. 

I tend to find that by doing this, I come back to my desk five minutes later with fresh eyes, and often manage to make better progress than I would if I had simply persisted.

What has changed most for you over the last 4 years? 

I find it most interesting to consider the things that haven’t changed at Clicky over the past four years. I’m very lucky to be able to say I still work on many of the same clients I first took on as an Account Manager in 2016, and I’ve developed fantastic relationships with each of them. 

I’d also say the “Clicky culture” of ambitious and skilled individuals who want to push boundaries and innovate with their marketing campaigns or web projects has remained consistent. 

It doesn’t matter what team you’re in, we’re all working together to make this next project that little bit more impressive for our clients.

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