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Diversity, equality & inclusion at Clicky

June 24, 2021 / Reading Time: 2 minutes /
Jenny Sibbald

We thought it’s about time to shine the spotlight on Diversity, Equality and Inclusion at Clicky, we are focused on making this topic front of mind for all our employees. 

Our key focus areas are; Ethnicity, Gender, Accessibility for people living with a Disability, Religion, LGBTI, and prioritising Mental Health & Wellbeing.

Our Directors are passionate about these focus areas and actively lead the agency to evolve and expand our knowledge and approach. Laura (Agency Director)  hosts regular training sessions for the whole team covering topics such as:

Laura, Agency Director:

“It needs to be a much bigger part of the agenda. The team are extremely receptive but we are only touching the surface. Our culture is created by the people within it but as a business we need to ensure our infrastructure is set up well so that we allow our team to be who they are which is inclusive and welcoming. Opening our eyes, developing true empathy by learning more about emotional intelligence, communication – these are all equally important as we seek to understand the world through other’s eyes. As a small team we are relatively well represented across age, gender, backgrounds, education but it is our aim to look around every meeting and ensure we have fairer representation so that we ensure we can champion diverse requirements for our clients and our team.”

Inclusive, transparent and collaborative in all we do – we want everyone to benefit from their interactions with us and feel part of our ongoing journey.

Natalia, Digital PR Manager:

“I find the training sessions really beneficial to have these important discussions and to really notice where we fall short, what are some of the “soft” biases that we hold and how we can create a better environment and culture. Currently the company and our clients don’t 100% represent the makeup of the UK, but we are making strides in the work we do.”

Mark, Front-End Developer:

“It’s less obvious right now with a lot of the team working from home, but one of the first things you’d usually notice stepping into the Clicky office is that at least half the team is female. It’s crazy how many other companies are still stuck in the past, especially in such a creative industry.”

Abby, Head of Client Services:

“Learning and properly educating ourselves is a really important first step, so that we know what we need to do next. We talk frequently about mental health and consider this in all of our leadership planning and initiatives, and have ensured we have taken part in diversity training, but there’s so much more we can and should do.”

Gregg, Art Director: 

“It doesn’t matter your experience, your background or your role at Clicky – everyone is treated with respect and always values everyone’s voice and opinion. I feel Clicky has the utmost respect for their employees and honestly it doesn’t matter who you are or what you believe in.”

As part of our approach we have spent time reviewing and updating our recruitment and personal development processes along with expanding our company policies which are fair but also flexible and inclusive to support both individual and agency needs. We pay above the living wage hourly rate across the agency- no pay gap, competitive salary based on responsibilities of role.  

We have an open and inclusive culture where feedback and opinions are regularly asked for from the whole team on a wide range of areas. Manager training is provided which includes looking at different work styles, communication, feedback, delegation and developing others. 

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