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Essential social media for interior designers

November 15, 2017 / Reading Time: 3 minutes /
Natalia Sketchley
Digital PR Manager

With an increasing amount of brands using social media to communicate with their customers on a day-to-day basis and grow their brand presence, this movement is becoming increasingly important within Interior Design.

Staying up to date and relevant in this industry is crucial in showcasing your latest designs and encouraging potential customers to engage with your brand in a more visual way.

Creating a social media strategy can often leave you with many questions. What content should I be posting? What are the most important platforms for my industry? How can I better communicate with my customers? We’ve broken down the key things you need to know about social media marketing for the Interior Designers and how a well thought out social strategy could help improve your performance.


Regularly updating social media accounts with fresh, relevant and strategic content helps you to get the right attention from the right people, giving you an opportunity to rise above the noise of competitors.
One of the most important things to consider when developing your social strategy is the purpose of your presence on social media. What are you aiming to achieve from your social activity? Deciding this early on will ensure that you are able to measure the success of your campaign and give you tangible goals to measure your performance. Some of the key objectives you may want to consider are:

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The interior design sector is highly dependant on high quality, visual content, this is no different across interior design social profiles. Whether you’re considering a paid or organic social media strategy, choosing the right platforms to represent your brand can allow your business to engage with the right audience and have a huge impact on your brand presence.


Facebook is the largest and most widely accessible social media platform with an estimated 2.07 billion monthly active users. Having a presence on this huge platform will be beneficial for any kind of interior design business and gives you the opportunity to reach a huge range of potential customers. 


Instagram is a great platform when reaching out to your customers. Sharing quality content and using hashtags to promote your posts will allow you to better reach your market. Posting quality content on this channel will not only present your brand well to users but also encourage more engagements with your target market, therefore increasing your organic reach on the platform.


Twitter can not only help your business to reach potential customers but also allow you to connect with other interior designers and build a relevant following. This platform is ideal for joining conversations in real time with leading professionals and your target market by utilizing relevant hashtags.


Sharing images of new interiors from your collection and styling how-to style posts on Pinterest is a great way to reach new customers who are interested in your industry. You will be able or reach plenty of relevant users who are actively searching for interior design trends, encouraging them to engage with your brand relatively early in their customer journey. This is arguably what makes Pinterest one of the most important social channels for the Interior Design industry right now.

What to share

Once you’ve selected your objectives and set up your social accounts on the relevant platforms, considering what content to share can be a challenge. Visual content is well known to generate a higher engagement rate, so creating strong content gives you the opportunity to reach more users.

Sharing highly visual images of your interiors, videos and how-to style infographics will grab your audience’s attention and represent your brand in a positive way.

Considering how your content and social media strategy fit together can also be essential to the success of your social media activity. Sharing regular content such as blog posts and style advice can be a great way to engage with your audience and bring them to your website, building brand loyalty.
A strong digital strategy can have a huge impact on reaching the right clients and candidates in the right areas. Speak to one of our specialists today about our bespoke services tailored to fit in line with your business’ marketing strategy.

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