Google IO Round-up 2023

Thursday, May 11, 2023

Last night Google went to town announcing loads of new AI features & gave us a glimpse of the future of search. Here are some of the big announcements.


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Google is introducing "generative artificial intelligence" (AI) to its primary search engine, following Microsoft's integration of Chat GPT-4 into Bing earlier this year.

The new feature, called "Search Generative Experience," will generate responses to open-ended queries.

Initially the new feature will only be accessible to a select group of users as it is still in the experimental phase but gives us all a glimpse about what is around the corner.

"At Clicky we are always watching the latest moves from Google & seeing how it will influence our clients. Big things are happening in how people search and it's great to get a glimpse of Google's plans."

Tom Fenlon, SEO Manager @ Clicky

Google Gmail/Workspace AI Integrations

Google also announced a load of other updates which will bring AI into almost all of their other products including Gmail, Docs, Slides & almost all of the Google Workspace Suite - all coming soon.

AI Responsibility : Tools to identify generated content

Another really interesting development was an explanation from Google about how it plans to handle AI generated content by watermarking an image which will remain even if you edit the image and repost it.

It's a really interesting approach & something we are all going to need as AI generated imagery continues to flood the internet.

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