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Google Shopping Ads to automatically run on Gmail too

February 7, 2020 / Reading Time: < 1 minute /
Rich Martin

Google has announced yesterday that as of 4th March 2020, Google Shopping Ads will start appearing in Gmail.

This new move is set to be the default unless you opt-out so any current Google shopping campaigns will automatically start showing in Gmail too.

There are few details yet about how the ads will show but you would imagine they will display above the inbox.

How to enable/disable the ads:

In the Google Ads interface, you’ll see the option to include YouTube, Gmail and Discover from the Networks section in campaign settings.


Google Ads will join the performance metrics from YouTube, Gmail and Discover together under the Display Network, so there is currently no way to see the performance by each medium.

Once we get some of our client ads running we will show you how they look.

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