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Google, Instagram etc all listen to Government requests for prioritised official Coronavirus content.

March 5, 2020 / Reading Time: < 1 minute /
Oli Yeates
CEO & Founder

The UK government request yesterday that Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube & Instagram all help in providing official Coronavirus information to UK users was acted upon today with all 5 altering their search results pages to show official information and links rather than popular content.

The danger of misinformation from social media outlets during a crisis has often been a focus for mainstream media criticism and the big players are reacting.

As of this morning Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube & Instagram are all showing NHS links to official information before other content. (See below)

Google searches for Coronavirus have obviously sky-rocketed in the past few days with people keen to find out accurate information about how to protect themselves.

The graph from Google Trends shows how interest has peaked in the past few days and it is so important people read the correct content.

We think this is a really positive and responsible response to the crisis.

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