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How can you achieve month-on-month increases in PPC conversions?

January 25, 2019 / Reading Time: 3 minutes /
Rich Martin

It seems impossible, right? How can a PPC campaign keeping getting more conversions than the previous month, month after month after month? Surely there has to be a point where results plateau? Perhaps not…

Get Your PPC Campaign Build Right

The answer is simple: Continuous Improvement! But your starting point must always be a well-built and tightly-organised PPC campaign, whether that’s using the digital platform, formerly known as Google AdWords, or alternatively, Bing Ads. It really is worth investing a lot of time and effort into your initial campaign build to make it as good as it possibly can be. If you get your campaign build right at the first time of asking – even if it takes a little longer than you’re comfortable with – it will set you up perfectly for the months and years ahead. Not only will you avoid issues with performance that come about from retrospectively correcting mistakes in a live campaign, but you can sit back and let your campaign “mature” like a fine wine.

Indeed, when it comes to increasing conversions month-on-month, there is something to be said for an immaculately structured PPC campaign being given the time to bed in and accrue data and quality score.

Some of the best Google Accounts this author has encountered have been the oldest. Much like domain age, quality score builds over time in an account and, as it accumulates over the years and high click-through rates are maintained, it can give you a competitive edge, as your average cost per click is likely to be lower than the rest of the marketplace. And if cost per clicks can be decreased and quality score ratings increased with each passing month, we can achieve those much-sought-after incremental gains in conversions.

Consider CRO And User Testing For Your Website

A word of warning, however.

You can build the best search engine campaign in the world, but if it is sending paid traffic to a badly designed, poorly functioning website, then your marketing budget will be going to waste.

This is where Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) and User Testing comes in and is so important. If you are not conducting PPC in conjunction with user testing and CRO, then there is a great deal of chance involved as to whether your campaigns will be profitable or not. PPC and User testing and CRO really do go hand-in-hand.

With regards to user testing, it’s surprising how many well-known companies do not properly test their website. It sounds so simple: get a group of real people, ask them to complete the action required for whatever the conversion point may be on your website (be it lead-generation or an e-commerce transaction) and see how they get on. And yet so many big budget PPC campaigns and websites are launched into the public domain with multiple pain points on the path to conversion and they aren’t discovered until several months down the line, if at all.

User testing and fixing the problems it unearths gets you into the best possible place to keep your conversions growing each month, but to really hit that steady upwards growth in the conversions trend line, regular CRO tests are a must. For instance, if I make this small change to a website, does the control group or the variant have a better conversion rate? If it is the variant, apply that and launch your next test.

Harking back to the very beginning of this post, you should always be aiming for continuous improvement. 12 monthly CRO tests across a year produce 12 small incremental gains, which, as they are happening, do not shift the needle much. But when you look at all 12 collectively and compare it to where you started from, the increase really is significant, and it is the best way to achieve consecutive monthly increases in conversions.

Have your PPC results come to a plateau?

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