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March 26, 2020 / Reading Time: 3 minutes /
Abby Wasik
Client Services Director

As an agency, we’re always inspired by the work of our peers within the industry. Nothing makes us work harder than seeing others around us performing well.

We are inspired every day by the ideas that come from everywhere, not just from under our own roof. That couldn’t be more true for us today, on a professional level but more so from a humanitarian perspective. Since all this began, we’ve been quite frankly in awe of the brilliant work brands have done to support the cause. 

Below are some of our favourites that continue to inspire us and others to do even more to help. As an industry, we cannot all make respirators and anti-bac gel, but we can use our skills in a multitude of ways to help, even in some tiny way. Jamie Oliver is cooking, Joe Wicks is doing star jumps and these brands are using what they know to contribute. Have a look, you might find something to help you through these difficult times. 


Keeping fit and healthy right now may seem challenging but Fitbit are running 3 months of free access to their premium service for newbies. Great news for breaking up the day a bit too! Fitbit Premium includes things like personalised health insights, health guidance, advanced sleep tools, customised programs, and 150+ workouts from fitness brands. For more information, see How do I purchase or start my free trial of Fitbit Premium?

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Activity, nutrition, mindfulness and restful sleep are critical to boosting your immunity and mood right now. So to help support a healthy body and a healthy world, start a FREE 90-day trial of Fitbit Premium if you haven’t tried it yet—it’s a membership that includes personalized insights, guided programs, advanced sleep tools and 150+ workouts you can do at home. Just visit the Fitbit app to start for free. Here’s to making it a little bit easier to stay healthy.

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Iceland, Sainsbury’s, Tesco..

With food shortages and the thought of lonely isolation, we’ve all heard that the vulnerable and elderly are most at risk. From over 400,000 volunteers as of last night to help the cause, the whole country’s mind is on helping where possible. A lot of supermarkets are doing their bit too. Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Lidl and Iceland are among the many offering specific hours for those in most need to shop in peace. A few even gave away flowers on Mother’s Day for that extra bit of cheer.

Beauty Pie.

The last thing on our minds is probably paying for beauty care… but we know a few of us at Clicky thought what a great time to take extra care of our skin, self-care right now is more important than ever. Beauty Pie is giving all of its customers a payment holiday without interrupting the service. It’s a small thing, and perhaps not even on the list for many, but for those for whom it does matter, well-done guys! 

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To our beloved PIEFAM members, we have some happy news. Yes, the situation we are all facing is unprecedented and really very scary. Most of our budgets are shrinking, and we all need more control. But we think you’ll agree that in times like these- we need our small treats. And who can fathom life without PIE? So we are relieved to announce that we’ve figured out how to take our members on a PAYMENT HOLIDAY. (for the next 2 months*, if it doesn’t kill us first.) What does this mean for you, as PIE? • As an existing PIE member, YOU WILL NOT BE CHARGED when your membership renews over the next 2 months (possibly 3), but your allowance/spending limit will renew as usual, so you can shop like you would • If you’re an ANNUAL VIPIE, and your membership is about to renew, your annual membership price will be discounted by 20% when it renews. • A small ‘project shoestring’ charge will be added into the members price of each of our products to help us pay some of our overheads and you’ll still be saving up to 80%. Because while we can, we’d rather lose money, than lose you. WE LOVE YOU! STAY SAFE. STAY HEALTHY. STAY INSIDE! PLEASE NOTE: We’ve had some very regretful PIEFAM members having to leave us over the due to COVID-19 financial pressures. IF THIS SOUNDS LIKE YOU, we invite those of you who’ve had to do that to get in touch with customer.service, so we can re-activate your account. *or possibly 3, depending on cash flow and number crunching. We also realize that some of our members are perfectly capable of paying their fees right now, so watch this space – because next week we’ll be initiating our Invisible Lipstick project – and you can put any spare cash to work there, to help others in need. Of course while we can, and while our supply chain is assured, we will accept new members, however people new to the PIE will be charged for their first month, and grandfathered in to our ‘payment holiday’ for their renewal, while Project Shoestring Lasts. Last but not least we may need to find a way to make this money back later. But for the moment, we’re rolling with it. Questions? Email us

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The Body Shop.

The Body Shop is launching several initiatives to fight the virus globally. In the U.K, the brand’s team is donating care packages to local hospitals and in North America, the brand is donating 30,000 units of products to shelters and elderly communities.

Thank you. To all the health professionals around the world putting the health of others before their own, every single…

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Time Out.

Time Out London has had to think quickly to adjust their offering. ‘Time In’ now offers a whole host of things to look at and do while stuck inside, including live baking challenges, home delivery suggestions, best Netflix films to watch and virtual event streams. Avoiding boredom right now is crucial and with agility and creative thinking, brands can and are helping in small ways like this. 


For those who have the capacity, companies getting facilities and vital equipment to the front line of the fight are beyond inspiring. Dyson are currently awaiting approval to begin manufacturing ventilators for the NHS. The owner, Sir James is said to be taking a hands on role and we are all cheering him on. Vauxhall also answered the call, offering to assemble ventilators and ventilator components using 3-D printers at its plant in England, after stopping production. 

There are so many other brands doing amazing work and showing true community spirit; Pret are giving away hot drinks to NHS workers and offering a 50% discount on other products, tech giants such as Amazon and Microsoft have all pledged millions of dollars with Facebook and Apple giving $20,000,000 and $15,000,000 and a local florist of ours gave away bunches of her flowers when she sadly had to close her doors. 

We love that everyone is pulling together and adapting their brand to prioritise helping those in need.

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