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Insurance PR pros: Top digital PR campaigns of 2021

December 6, 2021 / Reading Time: 4 minutes /
Natalia Sketchley
Digital PR Manager

In the past year, online insurance providers have had to cut through all the Covid noise and insecurities to reassure customers that they’re still there. Moreover, they’ve had to compete with the media to offset the not-so-encouraging news about the state of the industry. 

digital pr insurance

So how can they offset and create new conversations about their products and services that doesn’t build on the doom and gloom that have enveloped us? 

Digital PR. 

With Digital PR, insurance brands can reset the agenda, finding and engaging with new and existing customers with campaigns and stories that not only journalists want to cover and link to, but ultimately, that drives brand authority and positive sentiment into the minds of their target audiences.

Below I’m going to highlight some campaigns that have done brilliantly for brands this year and how insurance brands can improve their growth and reach into 2022.

Simple and effective.

The key to most successful Digital PR campaigns is whether you can condense it into a sentence and this campaign definitely fits the bill. Chill Insurance has found which holiday songs have high beats per minute (BPMs) and can therefore lead to dangerous driving. Rather than issuing the regular call for safe driving as many hit the roads to go to Christmas parties, see loved ones, or go shopping, this campaign finds a new point of interest and journalists get to see traffic coming to the site. Win-win.

Data is king to the insurance market and so it is for Digital PR as well.

Data sources are endless and if you can mix in proprietary data, then you’re in for a winning DPR campaign. In this case, Insurify ran with information on their drivers to identify which cities and communities across every state had the most accident-prone drivers compared to the national average. This campaign has gained over 300 links to date including syndication across US local radio and news stations. The US media landscape is ripe for syndication so if you’ve got a universal campaign idea, tapping into the US is a ripe opportunity to expand reach.

digital pr insurance

Another way to gather data is through a newsworthy survey. In this case, pet insurance provider, Bought By Many, conducted a survey on how workers were adapting to go back to work after the surge in pet ownership in the pandemic. The success of this campaign comes from the headline stat: 840,000 dogs could be heading to the office.

Percentages are great, but to really get that shock value that gets journalists to open your email in the first place, it sometimes better to extrapolate how much that percentage could actually look like. Almost one in five owners are planning to take their pets to work is good. But taking 19% of 12 million dogs in the UK to find that 840,000 dogs will be commuting–that’s your hook!

There still seems to exist contention between traditional PR and Digital PR, but here’s the thing: they can both be right.

In this case, Battleface has released a new product and while insurance isn’t always necessarily the buzziest product, Battleface has gone and done just that. Taking advantage of the latest private rocket launches in the past year (Virgin Galactic and Blue Horizon), Battleface has entered the space race and beat other travel insurers to the market with their space travel insurance product. It’s a clever bit of newsjacking and gets their insurance embedded in the SERP before anyone else–an SEO’s dream.

digital PR insurance

As we mentioned in our Q4 insurance market winners article, comparison sites get a lot of traction in the insurance market, not least in part due to their own Digital PR efforts.

Uswitch is particularly savvy and their car brand earnings piece is no exception. Again, they use readily available data and extrapolate more points that audiences can relate to: their wallets. Moreover, this piece is universal which has allowed it to gain links and coverage from international publications. I cannot emphasize enough how much data is a PR’s best friend. 

Insurance is no longer a dry product. It’s ripe for Digital PR opportunities and with a little stroke of creativity and data storytelling could make big strides in SEO to drive traffic and ultimately conversions.

Customers need insurance for so many facets of their daily lives and creating newsworthy campaigns can help put insurance brands on their radar that they may not have been privy to beforehand.

These Digital PR examples are just a small sliver of what insurance brands are doing to get noticed, and 2022 will only see an expansion of that as the online insurance market continues to grow. You don’t want to be left behind, so it’s time to get brainstorming.

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