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Introducing a conversational alternative to web forms

January 17, 2019 / Reading Time: 2 minutes /
Oli Yeates
CEO & Founder

Nobody likes filling in web forms. They tend to be overly complex & often very boring. Our development team at Clicky have spent some time developing a really nice new alternative which makes the whole process a lot more intuitive and dynamic.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that this is a live chat system or a standard chatbot but it is neither. The system looks like a normal online chat conversation however the chat is dynamically filling in a web form in the background and altering its questioning based on the user’s responses.

It is more akin to someone stopping you in the street and asking you questions and filling in a questionnaire for you. The clever part is the backend of the tool which responds intelligently to the answers you provide and alters the line of questioning until you have completed the form.

In early tests, it is much quicker to complete than a standard form and users are more likely to go deeper into the process than they would in a traditional web form.

You can try the system out by clicking the little blue icon in the bottom right-hand side of the screen. The chat form will take over the page and you can start your conversation with us until we have answers to the questions we need to know to help you further. You can give up or start again at any time and you will notice nice little questions about signing up to our newsletter which is added in as we reach the end of the chat. Once you have finished the form is added to our CRM system, in the same way, a standard lead would from a web form.

We are planning to have this type of tool available to our clients very soon with even more complex levels of inquiry such as holiday bookings or loan applications where live data can return values to the form and allow the user to progress quickly along the application process.

20/1/2019 – We plan to have a few demos to show you soon to help explain how this might suit your business in the next few weeks.

If you want more info or want to discuss how you might be able to utilise a tool like this for your business speak to our team today.

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