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Key takeaways from BrightonSEO 2020 – Part 2

October 12, 2020 / Reading Time: 3 minutes /
Natalie Williams
Marketing Campaign Manager

Hopefully you’ve already caught Tom’s key takeaways from Brighton SEO 2020 – Part 1. With so much information on offer, we’ve had to create a part 2!

Over the 2 day virtual event, the team attended a wide range of fantastic, inspirational talks. Here we have included a few key highlights.

Link Building – Earning high quality links with little or no content pieces – Hana Bednarova

Brands are experts in their fields and can easily provide comments for articles. Introducing brands to the press is a really proactive way of getting their comments featured, and if you’re reliable and hit deadlines the press will likely reach out to you as an expert in the future.

Timing is key! Especially when newsjacking. If something breaks in the morning, the afternoon is too late.

Hacking content keyword research Judith Lewis

Remember, you can genuinely be helping people with your content, so try to be as helpful as possible. Prioritise the searcher in your content, not just targeting keywords.

Always avoid duplicate content and duplicated keyword targeting across different pages.  Also, adding video content can make your website much more engaging.

Designing for Digital PR – Jazmin Batisti

Avoid too heavily branded design. You can stick to brand guidelines if needed but try and branch out where possible to look less like advertising. Campaigns that are too branded are difficult to get linked.  Before designing any visual elements of a digital PR campaign, think about the target publication you want to approach and how your design might appeal to them.

When using data, try to make this visual. Don’t be afraid to divide a campaign into sections and subsections if it features a lot of data. This allows you to explore lots of angles and target different publications.

To encourage no follow links and coverage always add an embed link with a no follow link in the code where possible. This allows users to engage with the content without leaving the publication site they are on. Always design embed widgets on a white or light background. This increases the likelihood of PR pick up.

After every large campaign it’s essential to hold a 360 including your design team to understand what is missing and what improvements could be made.

The future of digital PR – Jane Hunt

During the current climate, pieces need to be sensitive to the wider world and provide escapism. Journalists have been requesting these types of pieces. At the moment, digital PR needs to be more reactive – timing and speed is essential.

Building links is good, but building relationships is better. Focus on the wider team and stakeholders to have a real understanding of their business and what it is they want to achieve.

Big campaigns aren’t always the heroes! The future of digital PR is blended – reactive, hero and corporate. A more rounded strategy is needed.

How user-generated video can be your most valuable content marketing tool – Carl Hodler

Use the energy of the people who love your brand the most! User generated content captures that energy perfectly. Influencers came along and set a standard on producing content, but remember this isn’t always the real world.

The importance of visibility for ‘brand modifiers’ for eCommerce brands – Simon Schnieders

An eCommerce purchase journey can be convoluted and people price check, look for reviews, therefore it’s important your brand appears during that journey. For promotions, include pages where relevant for ‘brand+sale’ ‘brand+discount’ ‘brand+outlet’ to avoid people going to places like voucher codes.

Deconstructing award-winning campaigns – Mark Johnstone

Ultimately, an award winning content campaign does 4 things:

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