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Joshua’s Work Experience Diary.

July 12, 2022 / Reading Time: 3 minutes /
Danielle Gipps
Marketing Campaign Coordinator

As part of any student’s work experience with us, we always ask them to keep a diary and write up everything that they have learnt or enjoyed while with us. Last week we had year 10 student Joshua join Clicky HQ and spend time across web, dev and marketing. Josh’s diary below, gives a great insight into what you can expect from work experience at Clicky!

I was so lucky to have a chance to do work experience at Clicky. It was honestly the perfect place for me. I was really unsure of where to go for work experience, but Clicky instantly stood out as the best and most interesting place. 


When I arrived on Monday morning, I was greeted by Jen, who I had previously spoken to on the phone to discuss my interests and how she could align the experience to create a great experience.

When I first arrived and saw the office, I was amazed. It was a beautiful place, very welcoming, and very comfortable. The atmosphere within the office was very calm and relaxed, and Jen gave me a quick tour of the different facilities and gave me a useful calendar of my week, and soon after, I settled in to doing some work.

In school, I have been studying computer science, digital technology and business, so everything that Clicky had to offer was useful to developing my skill set. On my first day, I started using WordPress to edit some websites for a client, an activity that I found very interesting. I worked on this with Bryony, and she guided me through everything I needed to complete my task, and was always there if I had any questions. 

Next, I used a program called “Ghost Inspector”, with the help of another developer, Josh. Using this program, we were able to test websites in order to ensure they worked correctly. 


When I arrived on Tuesday, me and Jen had our morning chat, to discuss what I had learnt the previous day, and to explain what I’d be doing that day. After that, I met with Danielle, who taught me all about marketing and using different platforms. I was shown different programs she used to go about her different everyday tasks like ContentCal, Mailchimp and Canva. She also told me about a program called Demio, which was focused on webinars.

After that, I began to work using one of the previously mentioned programs; Canva. I used this to create posters for the Wimbledon tournament final that was going to be held on Friday. I created a variety of posters, and had so much fun whilst doing it. A heated match started soon after I created the posters, between Joe and Rhod, which resulted in Joe being absolutely thrashed by Rhod!

Danielle gave me some more tasks consisting of researching different brands, and seeing what posts of theirs did well, and what they could improve on. I was then introduced to Google Digital Garage which gave me a variety of online videos and questions to complete. 

To end the day off, I helped Jen prep for a client meeting  and then completed some more Google Digital Garage tasks to finish. 


I started my day by joining a video call with Sam Briggs, a developer at Clicky. It was really interesting to get an insight into his life as a developer, and whether he had originally planned to go down this line of work.

I then began using an Oculus Quest 2 with Robin. It was amazing to see how advanced VR headsets had become. I got to have a play around with the different features it offered. Robin then gave me some Metaverse webinars to watch and got to learn truly what the Metaverse could become if it wasn’t purely conceptual.

I then had a chat with James about what makes a good presentation, and how to properly present in front of, not only clients, but anyone. My mum found this part the most interesting when I told her, however I don’t think she really understood any of the other stuff I had been up to!

Soon after lunch I began work on a diversity form for the agency, which Jen kindly helped me with by sending me a multitude of questions on a variety of topics. I then got a chance to speak with Oli, the owner of Clicky, who was really nice to talk to. Who told me about the origins of the business, and his early life in school, and his original career interests.


Moving onto Thursday, I used the website Treehouse to watch different videos on business, computer science, and web workshops. I got an insight into early business life, and how to approach different areas best.

In the afternoon, I began to test a website for a client with the help of Bryony. We had to search for errors within the website, and list 3 things in an excel spreadsheet;

  1. Software/Platform we were using when we encountered the error.
  2. Link to the page the error was occurring on.
  3. What the error was.


Today, which is Friday, and my final day here at Clicky, I finished up some more website testing.

My time here has been exceptional, and everyone has been super friendly. 

Everything here has been fantastic, and it’s safe to say that I chose the right place to go for work experience. If I could, I’d spend more time working here with the amazing staff members that guided me throughout the week.

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