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Quack! Clicky enters the annual Chester Duck Race

September 12, 2018 / Reading Time: 2 minutes /
Rhian Cox
Head of Creative

Clicky are entering the annual Chester Duck Race for the second time in support of the Countess Charity.

So what’s all this I’ve been hearing about ducks on the Dee?

If you’re not a Chester local, you might not be aware of the Chester Duck Race that takes place every year in September. I certainly wasn’t until I started working here! Here’s the idea – you get a rubber duck, dress it up, and send it out to race against thousands of other ducks on the River Dee in Chester. All entry fees are donated to the Countess Charity for the Countess of Chester Hospital. Last year the event raised £20,000 for charity, and that is only set to rise this year due to more widespread interest and awareness of the event.

We said yes to the dress (but not before we voted on it!)

Naturally, when a fifty-strong agency wants to enter a race and dress up a rubber duck, there are going to be plenty of ideas about how best to do that. We had some great suggestions this year for the successor to last year’s entry, ‘Party Duck’ (pictured here looking positively ravishing).

This year’s entries were Mer-duck, Emmeline Pank-duck, Mac-duck and Franken-duck. In the end after several rounds of voting, it came down to just two ducks – Mer-duck and Franken-duck. With a final show of hands we had our winner – Mer-duck would be Clicky’s entry for the Chester Duck Race 2018!Now for the tricky bit…

It’s all well and good deciding to dress a giant rubber duck up as a mermaid, but another thing altogether to actually do it. As you’d expect, the task fell to Clicky’s design team, and they jumped at the chance to transform our yellow rubber ducky into a beautiful mermaid. A few seashells, a red wig, and about a thousand sequins later, Mer-duck was ready to hit the high seas!

What’s Next?

Our designers Candy and Hayley will be chaperoning Mer-duck to an exclusive ducks-only event to scope out the competition *ahem, we mean network*.

The Chester Duck Race will be held on Saturday 22nd September at 12pm, you can find out more about it here: https://experiencechester.co.uk/event/chester-duck-race/

Wish us duck!

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