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Robin at Clicky – 1 year on!

May 20, 2020 / Reading Time: 5 minutes /
Natalie Williams
Marketing Campaign Manager

Robin is celebrating 12 months at Clicky, so we thought it’d be nice to have a little catch-up via Google Meet to reflect on the past year.

Let’s start at the beginning, how did you join Clicky?

It’s amazing to think it’s been a year. To be honest, it is absolutely flown by and what a difference a year makes. 

I used to work at the Liverpool Arena and Convention Centre and Exhibition Centre, and I was there for 12 years. In my head, I thought I was going to be there forever, I was very happy there, I loved it. I was working in the marketing department as the Multimedia Manager and I was very much hands-on. I did loads of things that I never thought I’d be able to do. It was an amazing place to work. But it came to a point where I think I decided that I could stay there happily forever, or I could branch out and try something different.

Because of my work, I was dealing with different teams internally, I realised that they were all my internal clients. I thought, let’s have a look agency side, see what it would be like with external clients instead.  I met with a couple of the team and quickly realized that they had a really good work ethos, a great place to work, great clients and so I decided to make a move.

Could tell us a little bit about your role and how it varies from your previous role?

Before I made the move from internal to external, everyone was saying to me, agency work will be very, very different. It’s a different pace, and I knew it would be, but the reality was quite a shock. I think the first thing to know is that everyone around me was just so good and so kind. They obviously saw the potential for me to be able to do what I do, which is looking after clients and making sure that we’re achieving the targets and the goals that clients need. 

I’ve got several clients across so many different industries. Each with different ways of working with different characters. It was a real change of pace for me, not only in terms of variety but also in terms of the speed of work as well, having to chop and change all the time. It was a difficult first four or five weeks, but I always knew that it was the right thing to do. To move across, to try and branch out, to try and push myself. 

When I finally settled in and got a team, got the clients, you start to really form relationships with everybody. That’s when it started to really click in and made me realize that it’s a fantastic opportunity. It’s a fantastic job and I do love it.

When you joined Clicky as a Senior Account Manager, you started with some of our biggest clients straight away, how did you find that?

It was really nice because the partner clients that we have, are the ones that are invested in Clicky the most. Therefore, clients that I work with, they’re really, really bought into us. They really understand what we do. We understand what they do as well. So it’s a real partnership approach. I feel like a true extension of their internal team. It sounds a bit cheesy, but genuinely, it’s absolutely the truth. 

You have spent the time to get to know them. They understand where you’re coming from. There’s the trust there as well. I think that you know, having experienced that being hands-on on the ground, but also solving some of the wider challenges with which they have as a business, it’s really rewarding.

If we look back over the past year, what’re the three things that you’ve learnt?

For me understanding that the world is bigger than I ever thought it was. I’ve learned that I can handle more than I ever realized I could. I can still get that level of in-depth knowledge and commitment and care for any clients that I work with. It doesn’t need to just be bonds.

Teamwork as well, I always knew I had a small team behind me. I was part of a wider marketing team and obviously it was part of a wider business. But working with the specialists that I do at Clicky, so dedicated, so knowledgeable, It’s been really refreshing. So nice to see that the people are dedicated, passionate about what they do and that’s what really drives me. 

Alongside that, it’s the whole social aspect of working in an agency and working with clients. Getting to know them, understanding that if you get to know people as a person, then you’re going to get more out of them on it. 

What would you say your favourite thing about working at Clicky is?

I think it’s it’s the variety and the people. it’s a bit of a strange at the moment. Obviously, we’re all sort of semi locked down. I’m definitely missing human interaction from other colleagues. But again, this social aspect, the fact that everybody in the team makes an effort to come on regular calls each day, and our catch-ups at the end of each week. We have regular things such as team games, team quizzes, team activities. It’s all these things that I think makes a difference and makes you feel like you’re part of something.

The same kind of thing with clients, I’m missing meeting clients at the moment.  It’s something which, you know, means a lot to me to feel like you’re part of a family and invested. Anything I do in my life, I need to feel like I genuinely, legitimately care about. I’ve got to be genuine, otherwise, I can’t function. So it really makes a difference to feel it.

What are you most looking forward to over the next 12 months?

I think it’s it’s easing in this lockdown. Certainly, for me, I’ve tried in the past to visit clients, to see what they do, see where they do it in situ. And I think it’s only then you can fully understand what they do and how they operate. It makes it all real. So being able to visit clients in person, however, good Google Hangouts or Zoom are, I think it’s still no substitute for the real thing. That being said, I think it’s been working very well. 

On a personal note, I think I’m looking forward to being able to go out and see my family and have a bit of variety. We’re going on daily bike rides at the moment to the park and it’s working out fine, but I think just a bit of variety is good. So certainly the announcement recently that you can go out on longer visits outside, I think it’s well overdue.

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