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July 30, 2015 / Reading Time: 2 minutes /
Abby Wasik
Client Services Director

Spotify is the world’s largest dedicated music streaming service with over 60 million users streaming an average of around 2.5 hours of music a day in any of 58 countries/markets.

Over 75% of these subscribers are using Spotify’s free ad-supported platform, which serves both audio, video and image ads in between tracks. What’s more, studies have shown users are happy to receive these ads in exchange for the free service.
Currently the majority of spotify users are under 34, but the market is diversifying- around 1 in 3 new users is over 35. The stats also show that users of Spotify’s free service, in general, are above average earners.
Some stats from Spotify:
This all makes Spotify a great platform for digital advertising, and there’s some great features which allow you to get really creative with your campaigns.
For starters, you can target people by the kind of playlist they’re listening to. For example if your company sells sports equipment you can target everyone listening to Spotify’s workout playlists. If you’re selling holidays you could target everyone listening to the travel themed lists.
You can then narrow down your audience more based on their age, gender, language, location, down to a particular city, and even the time of day. If you want to target people based on the device they’re using that’s also possible, and you can even choose to serve your ads to a particular network provider.
One of the really clever things about Spotify ads is the option to use sequential messaging, showing a series of ads in a particular order to create a narrative- perfect for telling the story of your business and building brand’s image or reputation.
To find out more about advertising through Spotify or to talk about starting a campaign of your own, get in touch with our marketing team.

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