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Spotify Wrapped 2018

December 12, 2018 / Reading Time: 3 minutes /
Natalie Williams
Marketing Campaign Manager

Spotify released their annual ‘wrapped’ feature recently, which allows you to find out about your listening habits in 2018. 🎧

What is Spotify Wrapped?

Spotify Wrapped uses all the behavioural data it’s collected over the past year to give you insights into your most-listened-to artists, genres and songs. It also allows artists to view their success in 2018.

Spotify uses the data and trends they’ve found to form a marketing campaign, usually picking up on humorous insights.

The microsite begins with your first played song from 2018 and presents a colourful, quick-fire quiz for users to interact with, guessing how many minutes they spent listening to Spotify in 2018. It’s interesting to see how many of those minutes were spent on listening on a voice device, as popularity of the devices continues to grow.

You are then walked through your different listening habits over the past year. To finish with you’re presented with a shareable social graphic summing up your music highlights of the year.

So why is 2018 wrapped so popular?

This microsite from Spotify is an excellent example of data storytelling done well. Rather than collecting data on user behaviours and just letting it sit there, Spotify has analysed it and turned into an engaging piece of content marketing that really appeals to their users.

Spotify wrapped uses animation effectively to create an interesting user experience out of account data. This could have been displayed as a list on a single page, but would not given the user the effect of anticipation as each statistic is revealed. Spotify wrapped is a great demonstration as to how simple content can be made into a much more fulfilling user experience through clever design and animation.

Luke – Front-end Developer @ Clicky

They’ve only included data that you’d reasonably expect them to, which helps this stay fun, rather than creepy. Most importantly, they’ve created something with truly viral potential. Not only do people like to hear about themselves, they like to share things that make them look positive among their peers.

It’s very clever, highly engaging and won’t be taking a large budget, because Spotify already has all the data and the users are promoting it for them. An excellent lesson in content marketing if there ever was one!

Clicky’s Music Habits!

We love data and music here at Clicky, so we were all looking forward to comparing each other’s musical habits! Here’s a selection of our top finds.

The marketing team

The marketing department have a shared Spotify playlist, which each member has contributed to with their favourite songs. So whilst the team are working hard on our client accounts, they’ve listened to a whopping 103,676 minutes of music which equates to 71 whole days.

Rhian – Design Manager

Spotify wrapped confirmed to Rhian that her taste in music hasn’t changed for the past 10 years, with her top genre being no surprise -Indie.

Natalie – Agency Sales and Marketing Executive

I think it’s safe to say that I like the Arctic Monkeys! I spent 15% of my Spotify time listening to them in 2018, which resulted in them being my top artist.


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