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The end of Google Certified Shops

February 28, 2017 / Reading Time: 2 minutes /
Rich Martin

Yesterday, Google announced that the Google Certified Shops programme would be coming to an end. Here’s what that means for businesses.

What is the Google Certified Shops programme?

The Google Certified Shops programme allowed users to rate the service they received at online shops, with positive reviews serving as trust signals to future users. Highly rated shops would be able to display a Google Certified Shops badge, helping to increase consumer confidence and the likelihood of conversion to purchase.
Businesses could also use their Certified status in their AdWords or Google Shopping ads, helping to make sure they stand out from the competition and generate additional click throughs to the advertiser’s site.
The programme launched in the UK in October 2013. On 27th February 2017, Google announced that they were winding down the programme and replacing it with Google Customer Reviews.

What is the Google Customer Reviews programme?

The Google Customer Reviews programme sends opted-in users a brief questionnaire after they’ve purchased from a participating site. The ratings from the completed surveys are used to build seller ratings, which can then be displayed on the seller’s site, AdWords campaigns and Google Shopping ads.
Historically, the Google Customer Reviews programme has only been available in some 17 countries worldwide, not including the UK, Ireland or the US. Throughout March 2017, it will gradually be replacing the Google Certified Shops scheme.
Currently available in the following countries:
Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Czechia, Denmark, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, and Russia.

So what’s changed?

Well, you’ll still be able to collect customer reviews and display your ratings in the same places as before. The “Google Certified Shop” badge might well display different text, but you’ll be able to customise the way it looks on your site.
Account management will move too, located in the Google Merchant Center where your Google Shopping feeds are managed. Google have promised that this will save time, and that you’ll have greater insights into your seller rating.
You’ll operate under a different agreement, the Google Customer Reviews programme agreement, but importantly you won’t have to do anything to facilitate the change, it will happen automatically.
Any Clicky Media customers using the Google Certified Shops programme can speak to their account managers if they have any questions about how they’ll be affected by the change.
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