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The new normal – WFH with family

March 24, 2020 / Reading Time: 2 minutes /
Abby Wasik
Client Services Director

Many of us are adapting to a ‘new normal’, so we asked our Agency Director, Laura, about her new normal and how she is planning to work from home with her family. 

My ‘new normal’ is working full time and keeping my two daughters on task with their school work.

I have two daughters, ages 9 and 12 (Y5 and Y7). They will be working at home with me for the foreseeable. I have absolutely no qualms about it. I am fortunate as they are a fantastic age for this setup. I tend to like organising so I have done timetables for them which cover a lazier start which they will appreciate. They have 2 hours of work in the morning to do, an hour for lunch with a dog walk and some garden activities such as netball. And then 3 hours in the afternoon which includes reading, art, baking, and board games. Slightly concerned about the baking as I don’t usually eat much at work and now I am going to be surrounded by chocolate brownies.

I am full of admiration for what their teachers do for them and I really feel for them having put so much into this academic year. We will miss them. I can’t profess to have anywhere near the skill required to do what teachers do and so I just hope that their ‘homeschool’ experience is a balanced and healthy one, whilst giving them a focus and purpose so they get to use their incredible brains during this time. My role at Clicky is incredibly busy and so I will be working all day. That is why I mention that I am fortunate with their ages as they are so good and once they know what they are doing they really do get on with things. 

The schools are fantastic and have provided logins to online support already and they have provided work to do on their VLEs from last Friday when the schools closed.

I am concerned about their social interactions of course and their screen addiction. My 12-year-old has already played ‘Guess Who’ via Facetime with her friend who is self-isolating which I encourage – we all need to see friendly faces every day. We will be getting fresh air when we walk the dog usually at lunchtime or ‘after school’ depending on my work calls. Their youth club is facilitating some group video chat games. And the sessions Joe Wicks is running at 9 am are a great idea.

I have used online resources to find activities and have found particularly good and have purchased the Letts books on the recommendation of a trusted teacher.

Do I think some of my work colleagues and clients might see one of them popping up in the background of my Google Hangout? Yes! But one thing that is great about this time is the authenticity and relaxation of rules that mean we all see each other in a slightly different way. 

How are you planning to adapt to your new normal? 


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