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Top 10 rebrands of 2020

December 7, 2020 / Reading Time: 5 minutes /
Hayley Sackett

As we come to the end of 2020 I like to do a round up of the most notable rebrands and logo changes.

This year yet again we’ve seen a trend towards simplified, stripped down logos and refreshed colour palettes. Then on the other-side of that, we see some brands returning to their roots. Reviving old logo designs giving the brand a retro feel.

Some companies make massive changes, completely overhauling their brand so it reflects the new direction they are taking. Others make the smallest of tweaks that might not be immediately obvious at first glance, but even the smallest changes can help your brand feel refined and refreshed.

Adobe Creative Cloud

This year Adobe Creative Cloud made some small changes to their logo. They increased the line stroke of the interlinking “C”s to increase legibility, and they replaced the solid Adobe brand red with a gradient of colours representing the various colours of the Adobe suite apps. I really like the new logo, it looks modern and really emphasises creativity through the use of colour.

Go Daddy

The logo has come a long way from the somewhat cheesy guy with wild orange hair. They have stripped the logo right back, to a simple wordmark with a heart symbol created from combining the “G” and “O”. GoDaddy said they wanted to make a feature of “Go” and for it to become an empowering brand, allowing people to do what they love. 


For the first time in over 50 years Cadbury has decided to change their logo and it is due to roll out in the UK next year. They’ve chosen to return to their heritage and bring back a logo which looked more like the founder William Cadbury’s signature. The new logo looks more authentic and natural than the previous version and the gold palette gives that hint of luxury. 


This year after 20 years of not touching their logo, BMW released a new, two dimensional version of their logo. The logo was created to make the brand more seamless and the new logo will be used across online and print. It will be interesting to see if they take this approach for the logos on their cars too.


At the beginning of the year TripAdvisor unveiled their cleaner, more modern logo. They have retained the owl, but simplified it and stripped away the colour. They have changed the brand font to a rounded, modern typeface which looks much more friendly and inviting. I really like what they’ve done!


This is one of those logo refreshes that isn’t immediately obvious as they’ve only made subtle changes to the logo. They’ve done a really good job and made the logo feel nice and fresh. The font has been slightly tweaked to give it a more modern appearance and I like how they’ve changed the dash into a semi circle to represent a smile. The red semi circles have been reduced down to three and this is to represent the 3 original founders of the company. 

Google Workspace

You may have seen comments floating around social media on this one, as there was quite a bit of criticism! Google has created minimalistic icons for its suite of apps, each using the 4 Google brand colours. The negative comments were about when placed together, although they look connected and part of a set, at a glance it’s hard to differentiate the different apps as the colours make them blend together. 


Kia has opted for an almost abstract wordmark. They have chosen a more futuristic, angular typeface to reflect the direction of the brand which sees the move towards more hybrid and electrical models. I personally really like the new logo. However I can see that it might not be as obvious to read as the previous logo. They have kept the brand red which gives some consistency for the brand. 

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge has been battling against the popularity of Google Chrome for some time now. This year they had another stab at refreshing their logo and this version is more playful and abstract. It uses a gradient colour palette, which seems to be a trend amongst many tech companies, which you could argue makes them blend in more rather than standing out from the competition. I am a fan of the new logo, however I can’t help but feel it looks very similar to Mozilla Firefox.

20th Television

Last year Disney purchased 21st Century Fox. The design of the logo has very much stayed the same however the new logo drops the Century Fox to make a more compact version of the logo which looks better scaled down and used across a variety of different mediums.

It’s really important to check-in with your brand on regular basis to make sure it still works for you as a company.

These are just a few questions you should be reflecting on. 

So whether you think it’s time to completely rebrand, make some subtle changes, or you’re just after a bit of advice..

our Creative Team at Clicky are here to help!

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