Top 5 tips on providing an excellent customer experience

This week we’ve celebrated National Customer Service Week and Customer Experience Day🎉

National Customer Service Week is a chance to raise awareness of the vital role customer service plays in businesses. As well as the growth of the UK economy. CX Day is about celebrating the professionals who provide exceptional customer experience. 

Cue our fantastic Client Services team who put our clients at the heart of everything they do! They are the area of our agency that  live and breathe our client brands and take real pride and care in the relationships and achievements for clients.  

I like to listen to our Clients and understand the reasons behind their decision making. This helps me see things from their perspective. That way I can pass on the message to the team to take a more holistic approach when working on that client account.

– Danny, Account Manager 

Here are 5 key ways you can provide an excellent customer experience: 

  • Keep in touch with your customers regularly – Circumstances change frequently (especially at the moment) so it’s important that you are hearing the latest news and priorities as they change within your client’s business. 
  • Be honest with your partners – At Clicky, we always strive to be open and transparent. We find it’s always best to keep dialogue open in this way to ensure collaboration and solutions are found quickly. The past eight months have been so effective for deepening relationships even further between our team and our clients. We are grateful to work together so closely and with full honesty.
  • Don’t be afraid to disagree with your customer! – The reason companies employ specialist agencies isn’t to agree with everything they are doing, it’s to add value and enhance ideas. Sometimes during the creative process this can mean some healthy debate. Which makes the end product stronger in the long run.
  • Read the room – Every client is different and has different needs and personalities. This means we must adapt in order to provide a positive client experience for the wide and diverse range of people we work with. 
  • Remain accountable – Find a way to track your customer experience rating so you have an objective measure of how well you are doing. Our latest NPS scores and client surveys allow us to have an accurate check in with our clients’ experience. We welcome all feedback so we can ensure we are continuously improving what we do. 

For me, the foundation of CX is to ensure you do what you said you would when you said you would do it.

– Kayley, Account Manager

Written by Abby Gibbs

Head of Client Services