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Understanding your audience with Mouseflow

October 30, 2020 / Reading Time: 3 minutes /
Emily Jones

Understanding your audience and how they behave on your website is key to boosting conversions and increasing leads. There are a number of different digital tools and platforms that we utilise for our clients to achieve this, all offering a mix of features that can help us better understand your audience and make appropriate changes to your site to improve user experience (UX) and ultimately – the number of people converting on your site. 

One of the latest tools that we’ve added to our armoury is Mouseflow, an “all-in-one analytics tool” with a range of features to help us monitor user interaction and engagement of your site and drive more conversions. Similarly to Hotjar and CrazyEgg (another two platforms we regularly utilise for clients), Mouseflow offers polls, session replays, heatmaps, and much more. The key benefit that we’ll be utilising Mouseflow for, however, is to offer our clients simple form analysis, allowing us to monitor how users are engaging with our client’s forms, where they’re dropping off, and how we can optimise them to push more users through to conversion.

Below, we’ve broken down some of Mouseflow’s features in order to explain how it can help us help you to improve your conversions. 

Form Analysis

Do you use forms on your website for data capture and lead generation? Mouseflow’s form analytics tool monitors how users interact with your form, capturing in real-time drop-offs, refills, blank submissions, errors and more. 

This data can help us determine what is working within your form and what isn’t, so we can improve usability and increase conversions within different segments of users. 

Session Replay

Much like Hotjar, Mouseflow allows us to record sessions from every visitor to your website so we can see in real-time how users behave, but unlike Hotjar, Mouseflow provides us with non-stop recordings – not just snapshots. Not only does it track clicks, mouse movements and scrolls, Mouseflow also allows us to filter and segment our recordings by location, language, page count, duration and much more.

This is an invaluable feature to have, as it gives us real-time information about how visitors to your website behave in order to help you improve functionality and UX. 


Similarly to session replay Mouseflow also provides you with a full suite of heatmaps, offering different ways to view user activity on your site. Heatmaps contain data such as clicks, movement, scrolls, attention and geography, making it easy for us to track user activity and define common patterns in behaviour.

Most importantly, heatmaps provide us with data that can help you improve the overall user experience of any page on your website. Improving this can lower bounce rates and increase conversions, ultimately boosting revenue. 

Conversion Funnels

A conversion funnel is the journey a user takes before converting e.g. placing an order, booking a viewing, or downloading a brochure. Mouseflow aids in the building of funnels and allows us to track how users behave on different pages within your conversion funnel, even providing us with session recordings of visitors who drop out so we can identify content, imagery or functionality that might have forced the user to drop out. 

Knowing how many users are dropping out and whereabouts within the funnel they are is pivotal in understanding the performance of your website. With extensive filtering options, pulling an in-depth analysis can be easily done in order to provide us with the data we need to identify any grey areas within your funnel to increase the number of users that convert. 


Finally, with Mouseflow, we can create custom surveys that are interactive and can quickly target a specific audience. That means we can trigger surveys to appear when users experience inactivity, error clicks or rage clicks, in order to gather valuable feedback when users need help or are having difficulty on your website. 

This type of feedback is a great way of understanding user experience and the usability of your site. Comments and suggestions from real customers can help inform next-steps for improvements on specific pages or within your funnel.

We’re excited to be adding Mouseflow to the arsenal of platforms, tools, and analytical software that we use to analyse the performance of our client’s websites and drive continuous improvement. Mouseflow is a powerful addition to our analytics toolbox, and we’re looking forward to seeing what we can uncover. If you’d like to understand more about the UX and usability of your website, or are looking to elevate the return from your marketing through improving your site’s conversion rate, get in touch today.


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