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We welcome Emily to Clicky!

September 25, 2020 / Reading Time: 2 minutes /
Natalie Williams
Marketing Campaign Manager

This month we’ve welcomed Emily to Clicky, joining our growing Strategy & Insights team! We’ve asked Emily a few questions to get to know her better.

What’s your role at Clicky?

Digital Strategy Executive

Why did you choose Clicky?

I was relocating back to the UK after just over a year of working in Berlin and I really wanted to live and work in Chester. Clicky was actually recommended to me, but the more I read about the agency the more interested I became. I love that Clicky is a smaller agency, because you really get to know everyone and I can’t wait to get work with all of the teams soon!

What are you most looking forward to working on?

I’m looking forward to working on projects that both allow me to utilise the skills that I’ve already developed, and challenge me to learn and grow professionally. I think I’m just really keen to get my teeth into different tasks! Plus, knowing how diverse different clients can be in terms of industry, I’m looking forward to working on a variety of projects.

How would your friends and family describe you in three words?

Energetic, passionate and fun!

What would you say is your biggest/proudest moment?

Cycling 100 miles indoors (on a turbo trainer) in the middle of lockdown, raising £500+ for Cancer Research UK! I should have been running the London Marathon this year, but I decided to make do with what I had available to me and ride 100 virtual miles from inside my living room. It took me over 6 hours but it was worth it. All being well I’ll be running the 2021 marathon instead…

What is the best advice you have ever been given and who was it from?

Probably “everything happens for a reason” – my parents say this if I’m ever having a rough time with something! It sounds really cliche, but there’s been so many occasions where something has happened (that at the time seemed to be the worst possible thing) and it’s eventually led me down an altogether different (and better) path than the one I was originally on. Sometimes it’s hard, but I try my best to keep this in mind when things don’t go to plan!

Tell us 3 talents that you possess?

I can sing, write songs and play a few instruments (by ear)… usually all at the same time! As a teenager I used to gig quite a bit and I actually recorded an album and a few EPs. Sadly I struggled a lot with my confidence and I haven’t made any music for a few years, although occasionally I’ll pick up the guitar when I’m in the mood. Just please don’t ask me to sing anything for you!

If you could have only 3 apps on your phone, what would they be?


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