We welcome Stuart to Clicky!

We’ve recently welcomed Stuart as our Head of New Business! In true Clicky fashion, we’ve asked Stuart a few questions to get to know him better.

What’s your role at Clicky?

Head of New Business – ensuring we have the right conversations with the right clients where we can add the most value over time to grow business. 

Why did you choose Clicky?

I was impressed with the commitment to using the best data sources available to inform strategy and the core focus on client ROI. This, together with a great team and ambitious vision was a winner!

What are you most looking forward to working on?

I am excited about growing our sales and marketing functions and working with the Clicky team to deliver marketing client strategies that positively impact their business. I also can’t wait for face to face meetings to start again! 

How would your friends and family describe you in three words?

  • Inquisitive
  • Determined
  • Particular

What would you say is your biggest/proudest moment?

It would have to be the birth of our daughter Ella.

What is the best advice you have ever been given and who was it from?

Trust your gut and do what makes you happy. 

Tell us 3 talents that you possess:

  • Creating an opportunity
  • I speak reasonable Thai after living and working there.
  • I’m a pretty good cook, so I’m told!

If you could have only 3 apps on your phone, what would they be?

  • Whatsapp 
  • Music
  • Email

Written by Natalie Williams

Client Partner Marketing Manager

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